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Wasn’t a great first week for her it seems. List includes the Jane Fonda moment, Debra Messing’s comments, a missing Edie Falco, and a camera man walking into shot.


Matt Lauer is gone from NBC.


Holy Shi**!


Story from Today show.


I wonder if it has anything to do with the abrupt departure of Natalie Morales last year?

Ann Curry must be doing cartwheels right about now.


Oh shit, wow. Just heard the news. I am just shocked right now.


I am just as shocked.


Make that 3. Big news.


Not as socked as having to read it out on the news only finding out moments earlier. Very tough position to be in, they composed themselves well as I’m sure there would have been millions of things racing around the minds at the time. A good statement by NBC too, no matter who they are.




First Charlie Rose, now Matt Lauer. Who’s next? George Stephanopoulos?


This guy is an absolute moron


Times have changed. A former NBC Today staffer wrote a book in the early 1990s called “Inside Today: The Battle for the Morning”. It detailed behind the scenes antics on the show. There were allegations made against Bryant Gumbel and some anecdotes about his interactions with female coworkers. There was media controversy at the time but It was business as usual on Today with Gumbel and NBC brushing off the stories.

It seems the power of these highly paid media celebrities is waning now that companies are fearful of multi million dollar lawsuits if they don’t take allegations of misconduct seriously.


Is NBC Today still the top rated morning show in the US?


Maybe Ann will be able to put this shirt back on?:joy: ann-curry-3


Two weeks ago NBC News fired Matt Zimmerman for inappropriate behaviour with multiple women at NBCU. Zimmerman was head of bookings for
new programs, a position created by Matt Lauer for him in 2014. Gradually Zimmerman replaced some older male staff with young attractive women, and he persued them.


GMA wins total viewers. Today wins younger demos.

Wondering who’ll get Lauer’s job. Is Willie Geist still Lauer’s regular fill in? I remember Carson Daly being mentioned as a possible contender for the job at one stage. I guess a return for Billy Bush is out of the question.


Trump, after tweeting that NBC chiefs need to be sacked over ‘fake news’ (following Lauer’s departure), has rehashed a rumour that MSNBC morning host and former congressman Joe Scarborough allegedly murdered his then intern in 2001.


Megyn Kelly’s take on Matt Lauer’s termination from NBC News:


I’d say Willie Geist is the frontrunner, unless they go all-female.