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That is a shocking logo.


Maybe that’s the point. They want simplicity. I personally am a fan of Megyn, but sending her on a “listening tour” indicates NBC purchased an obviously damaged product. (For reasons I don’t fully understand) A lot of America seems to vehemently hate this lady.


There is no way that will be the logo. NBC is not a two-bit operation.


The left hate her because she made her name on Fox News.

The Trump-supporting right hate her because she challenged Trump on certain issues, which upset Trump, who sent his internet attack dogs after her.

You’ve got that ‘traditional conservative’ middle ground who will likely still have an affinity towards her, but that’s a comparatively small segment of the population.


in that case the left is pretty stupid, aren’t they? Judging someone because of the channel they made a name on, not because of the content of their journalism.

Yeh, I know about the Trump-ites’ beef with her - in all their insane-ness. She asked simple questions. Get over it.


I think you are mistaken. There is a direct correlation with their ‘Sunday Night’ logo.


I really have to agree. The set is good itself, but I think the set could be a bit more polished.



Because 4 different NBC news watermarks weren’t enough…


Megyn Kelly Today now has an official logo, and we’ve got a sneak peak at the set. Hate the fact the text lines up with the lower edge of the sun on the respective line, but is just shy of the top line. Still a better font than the initial design.


Images from this video.

Article if you want to read more:


We have liftoff. I didn’t catch it this morning, but with NBC Today still running the normal time of 9:30am to 12pm, I’m guessing Megan is still included in the highlights package that runs of 7Two.


Yep, saw it on today. It’s a beautiful set.


A behind-the-scenes look at the Megyn Kelly TODAY set, a.k.a Studio 6A Rockefeller Centre, previously home to The Meredith Vieira Show.


Found it very cringy to watch, sort of screams desperation. I know she tries hard but it was truly terrible to watch. I don’t think the current format will last 6 months.

I think they need to eliminate this talk show format, there are an abundance of these formats in the states as it is. Keep the show on Today mode in 1A, have Matt and Sav throw over to Meg and team? At 9am to run the last hour. Keep the flow of the show the same as the first two hours of Today but gives her the opportunity to get some hard hitting interviews in. Tamron can look after the news and Al the weather.

Need to get rid of all the fluffy nonsense.


Today’s Take was a much better format.


I don’t like it. Too early for all that screaming & constant cheering from the audience. Could of just continued with Today’s Take and have her moderate it. Or maybe just continue with the show in the same studio with her doing interviews. Or both. Not a fan of this. I like her, NBC & the Today show but not a fan of this. Look at GMA, for their 2nd (or 3rd?) hour they have a small audience in to present the ‘lighter’ stories and interviews - this is what Megyn Kelly’s role on Today should have been.


Agree in sentiment with the too early for this kind of fluffy chat show, but she is up against Kelly and Ryan on ABC which is the epitome of mushy talk show, so people don’t mind this format early in the morning. Even GMA as TFTV mentions have gone down this route in their second hour, and this is only at 8am. Shame though, Today’s Take was my fav.


Not a great start for Megan Kelly Today, making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Gets people talking nonetheless…


A lot of hate for Megyn Kelly on YouTube. (when isn’t there hate on Youtbe though)


I’d say the amount of hate directed towards her is noticeably larger than most media personalities, for reasons I’ve mentioned before (Trump fans/Alt-Right hate her coz she denounced Trump, lefties hate her coz she’s ex-Fox News…)