NBC News


That’s so fucking hot.

Full episode here.

I really like the new set, but I hate that they leave a super on-screen throughout the bulletin now. That NBC logo keeps animating and it’s fucking distracting.


This looks amazing! What a set and what a design!


No set design comes close here in aus


I just watched both the videos, man I need to visit the US. The set, presentation and broadcast is far superior then ours. I love the dark purple feel to it, suitable for nightly news. Also miss having a newsroom background.
With a few minor presentation and set tweeks, 7 News Sydney could also blow away viewers.

Also I’ve noted that News sets/Newsrooms here in Australia seem to be just a ‘set’, with no connection between the presenter/set and the bustling news vibe. With American networks creating a news Room environment, which looks much better, and surely cheaper as you can just plonk a desk in the middle of a Newsroom.


That set has absolute class. Holy god!


Shit. Hot.

But then, NBC were always the leaders in set design and the trend continues.


What is it with American news bulletins and constantly animating logos/watermarks?


Now that’s an impressive set!


Isn’t Seven partners with NBC in news? Take note Seven, this is how to do a set.


Yeah they are, the same company that designed NBC’s Today Set designed Sunrises as well. However, “Clickspring Design” has been responsible for designing NBC News studios. The portfolio of work for USA stations is remarkable.


I love the styling (and that desk!) but the space itself just feels off to me. Long, narrow and very tall and some of the areas feel a bit disjointed whereas with the old set you could always tell whereabouts the presenter was.

That said, I am already planning out a Seven version in my head :thinking:


Seriously ABC World News Tonight’s set looks positively dated compared to NBC (they still have the same set from 2005, but with minor tweaks and stuff).


I don’t think from the photo you’ve posted that it looks outdated, if anything it’s a great set that’s served them well all this time.


It doesn’t seem that dated but in comparison to the new NBC one it feels a bit dated and dreary to me. It’s too dark (still better than the Seven version in Sydney).


And with that environment, NBC News brought another forefront of how the news (either local or national) should be presented.


Some behind the scenes photos here.

He’s got some other cool behind the scenes stuff, mostly 30 Rock, on his photo stream and other albums too.


Megyn Kelly Today will be the name of the new 9am show. Today branding and studio audience.


Good news and bad news.

Good news: we have a (not yet official) logo.

Bad news: this is the logo.



I could have done that in a minute in Microsoft Paint.


…what on Earth is NBC doing?