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From what I understand and have heard that is the case. It’s pretty common to do that.


According to Variety, Kelly will be able to work at NBC in May


Lester Holt anchored from Liberty State Park in New Jersey this morning, in front of the Statue of Liberty, as a representation of the crossroads in values America finds itself at now.

Full Broadcast: http://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/video/nightly-news-full-broadcast-january-30th-866290755524


Melbourne plane crash is the lead story on latest edition of NBC Today. The show crossed to a reporter in London to cover it. Years ago the show would include reporting by one of Seven’s journos when a story such as this had taken place in Australia. I guess that’s no longer possible given the way television newsrooms operate these days- all but shut down after news updates have been recorded for the evening.

I’m having flashbacks to my late teenage years this evening thanks to Bryant Gumbel’s appearance as guest host with Matt Lauer. I was often up around this time with NBC Today running on Seven as I studied back then. Would never have thought at that time that It would one day be possible to live stream the show as it aired.


Was it the only one to have the Melbourne crash as lead story?
Watching ABC’s GMA and it wasn’t the lead story, it came pretty much 10 minutes in, after President Trump’s news.


NBC today and Nightly News actually crossed to Perth during the search for MH370, IIRC the cross was to either Blake Johnson or Rebecca Marsh


Savannah Guthrie returns to Today after 3 months of maternity leave.


Megyn Kelly to host the 9:00am hour of Today, and she will front a Sunday news magazine program.


Mika (Last name here) and Joe Scarborough, who are the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, are engaged.


New look NBC News Special Report graphics:


NBC to complete rebranding of Euronews by end of year:


Would it make more sense to be branded as NBC Euro News?


NBC has announced newsmagazine programme Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly


Megyn Kelly has secured an exclusive one-on-one interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which will feature on the first episode of her new Sunday Night show. The interview will takes place at St Petersberg where Kelly is moderating a session of International Economic Forum, in which Putin will also appear.


Megyn Kelly preview on Meet the Press


Some caps from the first episode - 3 stories plus a kids perspective to end.


When Kelly left Fox News she claimed as she wanted a job that would allow her to drop off the kids to school then pick them after. There’s no way she can now drop them off when she is on-air at 9:00am.


Found this while browsing today:

Final broadcast from Studio 3B and moving to Studio 3C

"The studio will reportedly be “state-of-the-art” with “632 square feet of LED lighting & peacock sculpture suspended from ceiling.”

Final NBC Nightly News Broadcast from Studio 3B (July 13, 2017)

New Set

Credit to: David Vergel and Ricky Reports.



Tour of the new Nightly News set :smile: