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I’ve not been following anything to do with this lady… she got in trouble for criticising Trump? Gosh she’s only human


Ah my apologies, haven’t had a chance to read it fully.


She asked a tough but fair question of him at the first (?) Republican debate and he went feral on her after. Her book is an interesting read, nearly finished it now.


Harry is produced by NBCUni, but is syndicated - so I don’t think that’d be an option either. They’d have to cancel Days to make it work - so I think unless they bite that bullet, they’ll put her at 9am Today hour.


Who wins the nightly news ratings in the US…NBC?


NBC are no.1, followed by ABC no.2, and CBS no.3


I am currently reading it now. It’s a great book so far. I think when she was on The View she talked about the stuff happened with fox news, and her past, and how it all came together to make her stronger. Yes I watch the View… :stuck_out_tongue: lol I was pretty sure she was going to stay on, that was the impression I got when they asked about her time at Fox News, but seems to me she is willing to move on.

Trump was a deckhand to hear (They have since buried the hatchet, supposedly) it was a fair enough question though at the time.


The Ailes chapter is interesting.


Should mention that while that’s been the norm for many years, ABC is currently leading the total viewer ratings by the number of weeks won. However, NBC is still leading in the 25 - 54 & 18 - 49 demos


Speculation that NBC will indeed cancel Days of Our Lives at the end of 2017 to make way for a new Megyn Kelly program. Kelly can’t start work at NBC until 2018.


I still think she’ll land at 9am during Today. Makes more sense for her content, they may cancel Days for something cheaper at the same time. Who knows? But it is People Magazine, grain of salt.


Though she said she wants to see her children off to school, and to be home for dinner, which would make a 9:00am show difficult.


In addition, Kelly’s show airing at 9am would be disjointing considering it would be breaking up the 7am - 9am & 10am - 11am portions of Today by probably being its own self-contained show


10-11 Hoda & KLee are basically their own show anyway.


What happened with Ann Curry?


stuck around NBC for a few more years before quitting in 2015


She got fired because Matt Lauer had a certain disdain for her.


Al Roker had a good crack at Matt in this video in regards to Ann…Absolute Gold.


Today’s 3rd hour is expected to be axed in the Fall to make way for Megyn Kelly. http://pagesix.com/2017/01/27/today-staffers-fearful-amid-megyn-kelly-shakeup/


Isn’t she prevented from working on-air at NBC until 2018?