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Bring back Bryant and Jane :grinning:


I couldn’t see Bryant being too happy to cover the topics the show spends so much time on these days.

Sat up and watched the first two hours last night. I hadn’t watched more than a few segments of the show at a time for about ten years and was shocked at how vastly different the format is now. I like that they’ve dispensed with the newsreader. The loose structure gives it a far less formal feel but the expanded team makes it feel a little less intimate.

Katie’s appearance with Matt goes to show you can’t beat great chemistry between anchors. That seems to be so overlooked by producers of Australian news shows. Instead of experimenting with various people to find the right dynamic, they tend to throw people together and just expect it to work. I don’t watch much of Sunrise often but I’ve always found Sam and Kochie to be an odd fit and can’t understand why they wouldn’t use somebody like Natalie Barr when she obviously has far better chemistry with Koch.


Isn’t it just the two anchors + Al + Carson Daly during the first 2 hours of Today?


for the moment at least. They don’t have a seperate news anchor since Natalie Morales left last year


I probably haven’t actually watched NBC Today for about 20 years :stuck_out_tongue:


Bit of a letdown that Al didn’t really interact with Matt and Katie, being at the Rose Parade and all, so will be watching for that a bit later on tonight/ tomorrow morning.

Not watching the show since Katie left, the set looks great, but not sure on the format. Love the hosts reading the news though!


I wish you could watch the whole show here in Australia :frowning:


It’s on 7TWO at 09:30 (to 11:59)


Yeah, but thats not the whole show. They cut out a lot, as they also incorporate some of the 9am hour.


You can here: http://www.nbc.com/today?cid=rm_t1_030117&nbc=1


NBC has signed Megyn Kelly from Fox News in a multi-faceted role.


That certainly is big news. Apparently she will host a new chat/news/talk show on the main NBC network, as well as a harder Sunday new show, and will be involved in marquee news coverage.

Will it bring a more conservative crowd to NBC or give Kelly a more liberal image?

More here: http://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/03/business/media/megyn-kelly-nbc-fox-news.html


The Sunday component of Kelly’s deal intrigues me the most for a few reasons:

  • NBC News didn’t had much success when they last tried to do a primetime newsmagazine a few years ago with Rock Center so I wonder how they and Kelly will ensure this new program avoids the same fate
  • The format of the show and where it’s scheduled will be interesting to see considering NBC probably doesn’t want it to go up against or be similar to 60 Minutes
  • Unless there’s a plan which hasn’t been revealed yet, this program will be pre-empted for three months each year due to Sunday Night Football so it will be hard for it to gain ‘momentum’


Initially when I read Sunday show, I thought it was going to be a Sunday morning show, a la Face the Nation, etc.

Re: football. They’ll probably try to make it a 9 month per year thing because you can’t really use it as a lead in or lead out.


If she wants to be Barbara Walters, and do daytime, it wouldn’t be a year round show anyway. Probably limited series or regular specials and breaking news editions. Daytime is destined to fail though, unless they cut an hour of Today (9am?).


I was under the impression that it was going to be in the afternoon because she wants to see the kids off to school, and have dinner with the hubby.


NBC only has 1pm available - and that’s if they cancel Days of our Lives.


“A Sunday newsmagazine program” show makes me think they are going to move Willie Geist along in favour of Megyn Kelly or try to relaunch the old Rock Center program.


The press release announcing her signing states it will be in primetime


Her position at Fox News obviously became untenable with the rise of Trump.

I just do not get why there’s such a huge amount of hate and vitriol being directed at her. So she criticised Donald Trump? So fucking what.