National Nine News 1991-Late 2000

Did NBN sometimes take the newsbreaks from Melbourne?

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NBN tended to completely avoid what Nine Sydney were doing where they could help it (including taking filler stories from Melbourne rather than Sydney in their news), so I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if they did the same with newsbreaks they didn’t provide themselves.


Every city did on weekends, usually after the movie.


Yeah, I was thinking that after I posted (generally the nights where Nightline wasn’t on, which eventually extended to Fridays once Nine got the AFL) - just wasn’t sure it was as early as 1996, but I was certainly not an age where I was awake to watch TV at 10:30pm (nor would’ve I been watching it on weekends at any rate).

Of course, this could well have been leading into the late movie (my brain was thinking an 8.30 movie, but NBN would’ve surely used an “…at the movies” intro for that) which would completely validate what you’re saying. Thanks!

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Yes, late night weekends were the only time I regularly saw those 5 minute ‘National Nine News’ newsbreaks on NBN in the 1990s.

Channel Nine Melbourne
23 October 1994

5 Second “Who’s Who Of News” Promo

30 Second “Who’s Who Of News” Promo

Newbreak With Peter Hitchener


National Nine News Sydney Gulf War Coverage - Thursday 17/1/1991


That reeally is a “Whos Who of News” lineup