My Kitchen Rules


It was revealed during tonight’s episode that Milly and Karolina would cook in Melbourne (Milly’s hometown).


Last night MKR got demolished by MAFS. Is there anything left in the show? Is there ANYTHING Seven can do to salvage the show in the future? Or is the axe coming sooner than later?


I think maybe Seven needs to move it out of MAFS’s sight LOL.


The sky is not falling, Chicken Little. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sorry big brother :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


As usual, you make no sense. :joy:


the show will live on esp with the national ratings


Sorry to offend you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There’s no offence when it makes no sense. Your Nine fanboy antics are obvious. :joy:


While cooking took place at Milly’s apartment in Richmond in inner Melbourne in tonight’s episode, the instant restaurant would be at her neighbour’s apartment. I reckon if the team made it to the ultimate instant restaurant stage, it would cook at Karolina’s Perth home.

While other teams were able to spend some of their down time practising cooking together in order to give themselves their best shot, Milly and Karolina were deliberately kept apart by the producers for the sake of on-air drama, Karolina claims.


Can we say the “perfect strangers” concept was a failure after Milly and Karolina were eliminated in last night’s cook-off against beauty queens Veronica and Piper? Milly and Karolina only had a few weeks to share their food knowledge and learn how to work together in a pressure environment. Their unbalanced “traditional trifle” brought them undone in the end.
Footnote: Milly married her boyfriend James on New Year’s Eve after filming on this season finished, and Karolina told The Sydney Morning Herald that she and Milly hoped to catch up later this year in Melbourne during the city’s fashion week.



Celebrity guest chefs, Pop Up Restaurants and the biggest act of sabotage the competition has ever seen.

MY KITCHEN RULES welcomes four guest chefs to the competition next week, including returning fan favourite Curtis Stone.

As Groups 1 and 2 face a series of Pop Up Restaurant challenges, each of these expert chefs will take a turn at keeping the cooking teams on track and pushing them to produce their very best:

  • CURTIS STONE - Celebrity chef and award-winning restaurateur
  • GUY TURLAND - Chef and creative force behind food and lifestyle community Bondi Harvest
  • SEAN CONNOLLY - Highly respected chef with six restaurants in three corners of the globe: Australia, New Zealand and the UAE
  • SHANNON MARTINEZ - Co-owner and chef of cult Melbourne restaurant Smith & Daughters

Across the week, teams will be challenged with serving American diner-style food; brunch at Bondi; a sophisticated seafood lunch; and a farm-to-table, fine dining meal in honour of Australia’s farming community.

Their food will be judged by the public, judges Pete Evans and Colin Fassnidge , and teams from the opposing group.

By the end of the round, two more teams will be eliminated off the back of the biggest act of sabotage the competition has ever seen.


No offence but these celebrity chefs just doesn’t have to calibre like Nigella Lawson, Maggie Beer or Gordon Ramsay.


Doesn’t Curtis Stone have the same calibre as Maggie Beer?
Here are the photos from their appearances in October last year:

Shannon Martinez will be the first to appear, in Sunday’s episode.


The pop up restaurant challenges begin tomorrow (March 3) and go for six weeks. With an elimination every third episode, that means eight teams would go home by Wednesday, April 10, when I expect the show will go into Easter break. After Easter, the five remaining teams would then have a round of ultimate instant restaurants, then semi finals and grand final to decide the winner.

UPDATE 5/3: Stacey and Ash were absent from tonight’s sudden death cook-off due to medical reasons. For winning people’s choice in the group challenges, Ibby & Romel and Victor & G earned a scoring advantage, with each contestant able to scoring the whole dinner out of 10.


Your fanboyism has gone next level.


I could not believe Ibby and Romel abused their scoring advantage in last night’s sudden death cook-off, each giving 10/10 to Mick and Jodie-Anne and only one point to Anne and Jennifer. Anne and Jennifer actually received higher scores from Pete and Manu, but because of Ibby and Romel’s manipulative scoring, lost to Mick and Jodie-Anne by 11 points. Ibby and Romel should have been disqualified.


It’s a flawed scoring system and other teams have done the same in the past although not to this extent.


It was an issue in the earlier seasons but then seemed to have disappeared until last night. Frankly, ‘strategic scoring’ is a problem that should have been dealt with when it first began but Seven buried their heads in the sand and pretended there was nothing to see. This inaction allowed a situation to occur where it directly impacted who got eliminated…


To me, both those teams presented awful dishes and probably should have both been eliminated. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: