My Kitchen Rules


Wonder if it will keep the same ratings tonight at 7.30pm rather than 7pm ?


And how do those shows rate?


Hopefully it will help H&A. I don’t watch H&A anymore but the previews have been good.


I seem to recall that the local version of Bake Off rated pretty well on Foxtel. Masterchef, well it’s still a massive powerhouse, at least for 10’s standards.


You’re verging on trolling now. Every post is bagging Seven whether it’s warranted or not and fanboying over Nine and Ten. Now Foxtel is fantastic too. :roll_eyes:


Not fanboying or trolling, just saying the truth based on ratings. You might not like the shows but the reality is it’s doing well against competition. You can’t deny the fact that those shows are (or were) rating well.

I agree that sometimes I’m a bit out of hand with my comments but in this case I think my comments are justified.


Well at least you acknowledge that you’re over reacting.

It’s not the “truth”. It’s your opinion. You need to work out the difference.


But if you look at the ratings for Masterchef last year, you can see that it rated pretty much No.1 for most of its run, beating the likes of House Rules on Seven and Ninja Warrior on Nine. Although their overall share might not be flash, they were winning that timeslot.

Now, how many times have MKR beaten MAFS this year?

I don’t base my comments around my opinion (I mean, I hate MAFS but can’t deny the fact that it does well in the ratings compared to MKR), but around factual ratings. Hardly trolling or fanboying.


How many times did MasterChef have higher ratings than MAFS? You can spin figures any way you like to prove a point. I don’t have all the ratings at my fingertips but I’m sure MKR had higher ratings for the majority of its episodes than Masterchef.

There are so many varying factors at different times of the year. I’m not denying that MKR is in decline compared to previous years but you make it look like it’s on its last legs which is clearly wrong.

Even if MAFS dominates, MKR will endure as long as it is still profitable and attractive to advertisers which is what matters to Seven.


You do have a point that as long as it’s still profitable then it will probably survive.


Karolina was on The Morning Show today to discuss last night’s episode.


This interview does her no favours.


No favours what so ever.


There’s a huge difference between what I dub ‘MAFS 1.0’ (when it began as a weekly show which focused on seeing the ‘social experiment’ played out) and ‘MAFS 2.0’ (the show in its current format which consists of nothing but manufactured drama)


Saw a promo tonight during MKR asking the public to nominate their best local restaurant online for new show called Best Restaurant. This could be the MKR spinoff hosted by Colin Fassnidge.


Yawn. More food shows? This is really clutching at the straws here. Why not a good variety show Seven instead of the same rehashed crap?


Yeah. Like Dance Boss and All Together Now and Australia’s Got Talent. Hang on…


I feel like those three are more ‘talent shows’ rather than variety shows. I was thinking more in the lines of Saturday Night Takeaway (or Sunday here in Australia) or Rove Live.

Feel free to disagree though.


Let’s see how they flop go first. :wink:


Yep. I’m interested to see how Takeaway fares against MKR and MAFS this Sunday.

Funnily enough the show’s name is inspired by food as well. Might give some audience an impression that Sunday Night Takeaway is just another cooking show by Chris and Julia :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: