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My Kitchen Rules Returns in 2016

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They seem to be giving away way too much stuff about the show in the promos. While it piques your interest in the show, they have to be careful that they haven’t shown you all the good stuff in the promos that you feel let down when you watch.

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They’ve suckered me in. I just wish it wasn’t so far away from starting.

Seven’s UK production house, 7Wonder, will be producing a British version of MKR for Channel Four. It’s due to air later this year.


I’ll be watching. Looking forward to it.

Saw the updated promo of the new female judge pressing the doorbell, offering more clues to her identity, one of which is international TV star.

The Brits have done their own MKR before, for the Sky Living channel I think. Lorraine Pascale was one of the judges. It didn’t take off as far as I know. I guess Channel Four thinks they can make it work.

The Sunday Telegraph has a feature interview with one of the NSW teams competing.
It is the first time since season 2 (Ali and Esther from Tasmania) that two policewomen are competing as a team.


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[quote=“JohnsonTV, post:8, topic:350”]
It is the first time since season 2 (Ali and Esther from Tasmania) that two policewomen are competing as a team. [/quote]
Are you taking the piss out of that? lol

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Seven has announced the six teams comprising Group 1.
Monique and Sarah (NSW) (see above)
Mitch and Laura (brother and sister from VIC)
Rosie and Paige (best friends from SA)
Anna and Jordan (mother and son from WA)
Cheryl and Matt (dating couple from QLD)
Gianni and Zana (newlywed lawyers from VIC)

So the Jessica they have been promoting like crazy isn’t even in group 1??

Looks like Jessica will be in Group 2 then.

I’ve done my best to avoid the promos, mostly succeeding, but it’s nearly impossible even when catching up from recordings. I have seen a little of Jessica and I have high hopes for her. I just hope she can cook and will go far.

That’s bizarre that all the contestants that seem to be getting airtime in the commercials aren’t even the first round. Not even the cute guy who stands up to that girl. :relaxed:

The majority of round 1 contestants would not be airing in ratings period so I guess they really want the big guns for when ratings kicks off.

Which beggars the question. Why start all your big shows a week before ratings begin?
Or more importantly. Why aren’t they starting ratings periods earlier and finishing ratings periods later (and skipping the Easter break)?

A waste to have all the big shows debuting a week before ratings officially start.

Maybe it means that the first-round teams are crappy and boring, so they had to go to later teams to find some some juicy clips.

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Probably. Or they assume people will watch the first couple of weeks so have saved the best round for when viewers usually start to drop off.

Even the Italian duo who have been featuring in the promos quite a lot in December. They surely will be in Group 2.

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