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I still hope that the scoring can be made in front of everyone.


The judges claimed tonight’s challenge began on a farm, it’s actually located at Camden Community Garden south west of Sydney according to Andy’s Instagram.


It’s a well known landmark known as Camden Town Farm, a farm managed by the community.

From their website:

Camden Town Farm, located on Exeter Street, was originally a 52 hectare dairy farm that was bequeathed to the local community by the late Miss Llewella Davies. It is a unique green space on the flood plain surrounding Camden. The Farm is owned by Camden Council and managed by a Council Community Committee made up of dedicated local community volunteers.


Thanks for clearing that up.

At the start of tonight’s episode, Ash told the judges (including guest judge Curtis Stone) and the other teams in his group that he had to pull out of competition after he suffered an infection in the eye socket he lost during a fight several years ago. But in an interview with Who magazine, his partner Stacey said it was her who pulled the pin.


From tomorrow, the 10 remaining teams would be paired up to cook at Open Houses (homes rented by the producers) for the judges, the guest teams and the public. At the end of the round, the two teams with the lowest scores from their Open House would face off at the MKR restaurant where one team would go home. I think Open House was meant to take place after two more eliminations (when top 12 became top 10), but Stacey and Ash’s withdrawal forced the producers to bring the plan forward.
Seven gave away the result of tonight’s sudden cook-off by showing the winning team’s name in the synopsis for next week’s episodes. Also, Manu and Pete should have waited after the elimination of tonight’s cook-off to reveal details of Open House. The winning team from tonight’s cook-off, Lyn and Sal, would be the last to know about Open House (after the cameras stopped rolling).
The pairings for the top 10 Open House are (from Seven Network schedules thread):
Tuesday - Ibby and Romel, Victor and G
Wednesday - Lisa and John, Andy and Ruby
Sunday - Matt and Luke, Pat and Bianca
Monday - Mick and Jodie-Anne, Lyn and Sal
Tuesday 19/3 - Veronica and Piper, Josh and Austin
Wednesday 20/3 - Open House sudden death cook-off


Apart from being in a different kitchen, there is nothing special about the open houses concept.
Taking six episodes to eliminate one pair of contestants is too long at this stage of the series. This far in they should be speeding up the eliminations, not drawing them out.


I agree the show really does drag out the process. But I guess that is how 7 strip it. Otherwise it could be over within about a month (wishful thinking).


But its two teams working together now rather than against each other. The 10 teams will cook over 5 nights. This hasn’t been done before. I assume the weakest teams will either get eliminated or cook off in an elimination.


Yes, granted, the two-team concept is different. But it’s still going to take too long (IMO) to eliminate the next pair.


Why did you get angry at your own post above? Self hate is the worst.


I would have loved to see Ibby and Romel team up with the home schooled boys. That would be the fireworks I’d like to see in the kitchen :slight_smile:


Why did they spoil which teams are cooking together next episode by revealing it midway through the show in a promo?

I’ve driven past that old warehouse in Alexandria so many times. Quite surprised how great that house conversion looked inside. Same goes for that terrace house in Newtown that Ibby and Romel used in the first round, which I also recognised.


Anyone who have been visiting Seven Network Schedules thread on Sunday this week and last week will have found out the pairings from the advance schedule anyway.


Well those people onkt have themselves to blame. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

During the episode they were trying to build the excitement about which teams would be cooking together which would have had a good payoff gor viewers if they hadn’t spoilt it in the ad break.


Seems like the producers rented the wrong house for tonight’s instant restaurant featuring Andy & Ruby and Lisa & John. I notice there were two tables in a bedroom for the public, but they were in tight spaces leaving guests little room to move in or out. The converted warehouse in last night’s episode was perfect.


They had used the bedroom in the warehouse episode too. They just seemed to have moved the bed out of that one. You could see the walk in wardrobe with the clothes and coathangers.


That Open House format is a dud. It’s just an instant restaurant all over again. So much for ‘re-inventing’ the show.

Last night’s ratings are diabolical. Seven either needs to pull the plug or do something to it before it dies out completely.


Another message from the resident MKR health expert.


Pete Evens message not well received!


You need to stop watching it if you hate it so much.