My Kitchen Rules


To me the word was not said in an offensive way, it was taken in an offensive way. Which is the way the promo was set out - what word caused all the trouble.


Yet this is a cooking show and we are talking about drama and offensive comments. MKR had it’s day years ago. If this is what they are promoting then they must be getting desperate.


As I said, if they lived up their promotion to focus on real food and real people then they would be fine. Nowadays it’s worse off than ever before.


And yet… MAFS, the show which is blitzing them in the ratings, is only about drama and offensive comments. How do you explain that?


So let it be. MAFS can be terrible TV, Seven needs to win viewers back through genuine TV. Masterchef was hit by hard waves for many years but once they returned to its roots it’s now a ratings winner.

Watched a bit of MKR last night was like watching a train wreck. It’s so bad that it’s hilarious.


So you want to let MAFS be but attack MKR for the exactly the same thing. :roll_eyes:

I think MKR is a different beast to Masterchef though. It hasn’t just been about the food but also the dinner parties and interactions.

Even when the food is brilliant like last week when a team scored 10s for all their meals, the ratings were not as strong as the “controversial” episodes.

Although, I agree that MKR has shifted too far towards the controversial contestants, you have to look at MAFS and see that viewers ate not turned off by that.

You have to consider that every show has its day and MKR has had a very successful run. Its best days are probably behind it because it has just been overtaken by MAFS right now. It’s still competitive enough to keep going and maybe Seven need to tweak it again to keep the interest there or rebuild.

Long term, MAFS will fade too. For MKR, it will probably do better when MAFS ends and it currently provides good enough competition for it to remain where it is for a few more years.


Maybe this. More fast-paced, quicker episodes would make the show slightly more bearable.


I don’t really care about the bitch fights. Its when the publicity department do things like they did last week. Or when the producers kind of force reactions from certain contestants. This season did promise to be about all the food. So far the only promotions I have seen is for controversial contestants, C words and forbidden words.

As for Married I cannot comment on it as I do not watch it. I do/did watch MKR but I have felt fooled by the producers and publicity department at 7. I also feel offended by the last stunt.


That’s my problem with the show. Be genuine with the audience and let whatever will be will be in the dinner parties rather than the over-rehearsed claptraps nowadays.

MAFS can continue to be terrible TV, but if Seven wants to thrive they need to be different. Probably better for their ‘family friendly’ focus anyway.


Not the first time and it probably won’t be the last. Remember last year when Ten did the same thing with a contestant who confessed she had a same sex relationship in the past and made it look like it was a terrible secret. I think this is the second time they did with gay relationships in that show.

Did you stop watching that show too?


I didn’t really watch The Bachelor last year to be honest. I watched the first episode and the finale and that was it.

And you are right it wasn’t the first and won’t be the last. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. I also didn’t like that stunt on The Bachelor. It definitely didn’t get me watching the show after I heard what had happened.

And in the defence of 10 at least they were showing forward thinking in casting a diverse female. 7 are only showing how backwards their thinking is by saying trans is a tabboo word.


Of course not. If anything good can come out of these experiences though it’s that it starts a conversation about these topics and opens people’s eyes to what is considered appropriate or inappropriate.

This year they also have an immature contestant on the show who is making fun of other people’s accents and therefore the fact that they are immigrants. He went as far as to say that he thought the Columbian lady and Lebanese man where a male order bride and the gay equivalent.

I found that to be just as abhorent. Where was the outrage about that?


Has there not been any outrage? You are right I am probably more outraged about something because it has an affect on a community I am proud to be apart of and friends who are living with that. I haven’t spoken about that specifically. But you are right it is insensitive and innappropriate. But I think this is the problem with 7. They don’t help the issues when it comes to accepting minorities. They have an older audience who are notorious for discriminating against minorities and they don’t help to educate that audience that their behaviour can be totally unacceptable.


The fact is, we have people in our society who still say these horrible things and it’s not just the oldies. If I was upset at the things I hear in my workplace or even in my own family, I would be having a mental breakdown every week.

Often you feel like it’s your job to step in and correct misinformation or ignorance but sometimes you realise that some people won’t or can’t change. No matter how hard you try.


You are right. But I don’t have to continue to watch a show that make me feel like


This problem also highlights another issue with Seven. It’s evident by their means of production that Seven is run by a bunch of conservative, arrogant, ego-driven wankers who wants to get short-term attention with controversies that can potentially offend another community.

The nature of programs like MKR, House Rules, Bride and Prejudice elucidates my point, which is why I hope Seven can go back to being real and connect with theit audience with genuine programs.


Really? That’s evident? And what’s the excuse for Nine and Ten who do exactly the same?

How are they any better with MAFS, Love Island, The Block, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise…


Yeah but there is a big difference here. MAFS has always been about a being social experiment and drama, especially since it’s multi-night format, so the show is living up to what it is. MKR is a cooking show that used to promote “Real food, real people” and lines similar to that. Whilst there has always been an element of bitchiness, there is no doubt that the past 2-3 seasons the editing and promos have made that far more dramatic and the focus. Whilst MAFS excels in ratings this direction because that’s the sort of show it is, this has caused a steady decline for MKR. I think if MKR stripped back the drama and made it a bit more feel good it would serve much more a point of difference to MAFS and might do better.


I can see what you are trying to say here. But it’s also fair to say that quality doesn’t always equal ratings success. No doubt, most people think Masterchef is better because it has always been about ‘feel good’ cooking but its ratings have always been trailing MKR.

It’s really up to Seven whether they want to pursue ratings at the expense of quality.

MKR did have a few ‘cooking’ episodes and they haven’t really rated very well. So far this season, MKR rated the highest when the outspoken brothers cook as opposed to the ‘feel good’ mother and son episode. From memory, MKR started off as a cooking show in the first couple of years. Then, it started to take off when the bitchy contestants were added in. I still remember many years ago, there were two outspoken Indian girls (referred to as the spice girls) who talked themselves up and then crash and burn. That episode rated really well (I think one of those earlier MKR episodes that rated above 2 million or so). Then I think Seven started to go a ‘different’ direction or dare I say a bitchy direction. And now the novelty has worn off and MAFS is leading.

House Rules had a feel good and touching episode last year to help a widow (which was one of my favorite episodes) and yet from memory, it didn’t rate as well.


Thank you for proving my point.

Perhaps Seven should take a page out of The Great Australian Bake off, where creativity is the main focus, while Masterchef is about real food and home cooking. It would be a good Point of Difference anyway.