My Kitchen Rules


The budget must be low this year. Did you see the house Austin and Josh were in? I have been in caravans with better and bigger kitchens.


That probably was their own house. The only time they use another house is when either of the cooks doesn’t have a house big enough to sit that many guests at a dining room table and the crew filmkng it.


MKR 2020.


Well last nights episode was focused on the cooking and high scores, so let’s see how well it rated compared to other episodes.


Yes, I am very interested to see the rating result too.
Based on the last 10 years, generally, the episodes that focussed on drama/personalities rated well.


Amazing cooking by Lisa and John, becoming the first team in MKR history to receive three 10s from both Pete and Manu in their instant restaurant. The mother and son’s score of 117 is also the highest instant restaurant score in the show’s history, breaking the previous record score (114) set by Sonia and Hadil last season.


With 7 showing a season later this year (albeit a shorter one) do you think there is any chance of this being a way to shift the show to the second half of the year and then launching the 2020 year with a new franchise?

I mean the show is still doing incredibly healthy numbers by 2019 FTA standards and still has life in it but is trailing MAFS with no sign of that changing. A shift of time of year would make sense to me but will then come after Masterchef.


Last night was also the longest running episode of the season at over 90 minutes so that might positively impact the ratings.


It’s a great idea which I have suggested before. But then, Seven would be ‘slaughtered’ by Nine in summer without a strong schedule.


Possibly but not unless they have a bigger hit to put up against MAFS. As long as they are still competitive, I think it would be a mistake to move MKR and give MAFS less competition.

With a weaker launch, they would struggle for the rest of the year.


MAFS was not always a big rater. It grew as they developed the concept. Realistically Seven need to do the same. May not beat MAFS in year one but if it is a good concept (like a good concept not some of the crap they have produced lately) then in time it will grow as MAFS ages.


Easier said than done. How many flops did Nine have there in ten years before they had a hit?


it rated well in rural australia:)


Seven promos for tonight’s episode

Did it live up to the saturation radio promotion? “The word that will shock Australia”.

Tonight from seven PR:

“TONIGHT – Lyn put her foot in her mouth, crushing Karolina with a hurtful comment.”


I think it did live up to the promotion. And I can’t believe it came from Lyn’s mouth, calling Karolina a transvestite.


Lyn said when she first saw Karolina she thought she looked trans. Karolina then turned that into the word transvestite which Lyn agreed with and apologised straight away for.


It did not live up. What a shocking marketing campaign by seven. There is nothing wrong with the word trans. The only thing wrong is seven claiming there is something wrong with the word trans.


That seems to be the way most people are reacting to it all.


And so they should. How would transgender people feel? Their way of life is tabboo? Absolutely shocking by 7. They should be ashamed and issue an apology quick smart.


I thought tranny was offensive never heard it called “trans” … trans makes me think of transfat.