My Kitchen Rules


Haven’t been watching MKR closely this year… but what is so controversial about this year’s “most controversial team” (according to tonight’s promo)? Is this the guy with the secret…what was it? And what’s with the other guy’s pumped up lips? Lol


No the guy with the secret is not the ‘most’ controversial team. His secret was he owned a few restaurants. :roll_eyes:


I thought those home schooled guys would’ve been the most controversial but apparently not lol


No they are they controversial ones


Has Masterchef maintained its ratings better than MKR over the many years it has been on?


Not really both rated the same sorts of highs and now rate a similar figure


I thought tonight’s promo was saying the other guys were the controversial ones…lol


Although News say they have the exclusive details about these MKR villains, they told the same story in TV Week a couple of weeks ago. Josh is a wannabe actor who is trying to score a gig in America so posts photos of his food on Instagram. Producers saw his Insta and headhunted him. They’ve never watched the show and Austin can’t even cook.

I’d say viewers have been really put off by these guys this year because it’s obvious they’ve been put in there to shit stir. It’s a big part of why ratings are dropping.


Ibby and Romel had proven they could cook. In last night’s instant restaurant they got four 10s from Pete and Manu and were only one point away from Andy and Ruby, all because of overcooked fish for the main. I think Ibby and Romel could go deep into the competition.


This show is just too painfully slow for me. 50 minutes in and they just served the entrees. I can’t do it.


well tonight’s Instant Restaurant was a bust.


Agreed completely. Tried watching and couldn’t make it past the entrees.

All I kept thinking was when does Masterchef start again…


Even though the first elimination tonight is at the new MKR restaurant at Waterloo, it is still using the old facade of Paramount Pictures building at Surry Hills.
Unlike the last season at the mansion which featured home kitchens, the MKR restaurant had a professional kitchen for two teams. I don’t think many contestants would have used some of the equipment before.

Perhaps it was karma for Josh and Austin for their comments in the past instant restaurants. Their poor time management didn’t help either.


Josh and Austin got through tonight? what the fuck? :rage:


Of course they did. Surely you knew this before. 7 aren’t going to spend that much money promoting a couple to have them leave 2 weeks in.


Didn’t they publicly reveal that neither of them can cook? At least to the standard one might expect for a cooking competition. Not so much karma as inability.


They said Josh has been cooking since he was 12. Austin can’t cook.


The same meal? That would explain the wait times at their instant restaurant.


Milly, who joined group 2 of contestants in tonight’s episode, originally wanted to apply for this season with her ex-boyfriend. When that fell through, the producers paired her with Karolina.

The question is when it was the ladies’ turn to cook, where would it take place?


At a rent-a-home like most of them do?