My Kitchen Rules


Please do not conduct a poll.


I was being sarcastic. :wink:

Some people don’t know something and they think the whole world doesn’t know it either. They just need to explore and investigate things for themselves. Or just get out more often. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why not just chuck it on 7mate? or doesn’t 7 now have an actual food channel? They will lose viewers if they can’t keep up cause its not being repeated on the main channel


You do know that Seven have cricket this weekend right?


They also had Home & Away but MKR was more important.


I’m very confused at what point your trying to make?


You think a repeat of a reality show on the weekend is more important than screening test match cricket on the main channel?

What’s wrong with showing repeats on 7TWO and 7mate?


When The Voice was on, they tried putting encores on Saturday nights. Guess what? It tanked and the main show didn’t rate any better and also lost viewers.


I agree that back to back repeats of MBR MKR should be left for 7TWO. Failing that, can’t people just set a PVR or head over to 7Plus if they really want to catch up on that nonsense?


Each episode also repeated the next day at midday on the main channel when the schedule allows.


During Chris and Lesley’s instant restaurant in Noosa tonight, they ran out of gas and Lesley had to call her friends to buy a full gas bottle from the nearby service station and bring it to the house. I can’t believe for a town like Noosa there are still many homes not connected to the natural gas network, and have to cook with gas bottles or electricity.
Today also happens to be Lesley’s 51st birthday.


Our neighbour has 3 x 8.5kg . Seems odd to have only 1 .


Lesley’s house (where she lives with her fiance Bobby and where the instant restaurant took place) has three gas bottles but they all ran out at the same time.

Tomorrow’s episode for Andy and Ruby’s instant restaurant could be the highlight of this season outside the grand final. The preview asks how many 10s the ladies would receive from Pete and Manu.


The Australian reports today Colin Fassnidge will host the second season of MKR later this year. It won’t be the All-Stars version featuring past contestants, instead (according to the paper) it looks like being a cross between My Restaurant Rules and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.


Hopefully, they will treat it like a spin-off and use a different title.

The “My Restaurant Rules” title could be revived, I suppose, even if it’s a variation on that show.


Well seems a bit stupid to have a second season then.


Maybe this is just a way for them to get the same viewers to watch.

Spruik it as a second season of MKR but then launch a different show.


Is natural gas even available in Noosa?


Adverts running this week on commercial radio for “My Kitchen Rules, Australia’s favourite program”. I can’t see that would be the case. Any ideas? Perhaps average over last 10 years?


Not really accurate anymore, but it sounds better than “Australia’s favourite non-Calombaris cooking show”