My Kitchen Rules


No, they often cut opening credits these days to get straight into the show in an effort to prevent viewers channel surfing.

If you look closely, the opening credits have been edited so I’d say they were part of the original broadcast and will screen overseas.


I actually think the theme song is an important part of the show. It’s very familiar to viewers and not something you want to get rid of.


Except when the rights to a Justice Crew song are cheaper than a Ke$ha one :stuck_out_tongue:


But the updated theme overtook the first one and achieved legendary status. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


7 says MKR had 1.9 million streaming minutes, up 64% year on year. Wonder how this compares to MAFS?

Monday 28 January 2019

After 2 episodes of Mkr nothing has changed
Absolute total bull shit
Time to watch some awesome drama online


This show is plain boring. Same old ‘villains’ and the same shit they talk about does my head in.

Seven seems to have addressed everything else…but the problem which is the bitching. They need to go Masterchef style and focus on creativity and food (dare I say it, lean towards more Come Dine with Me).


My observation of My Kitchen Rules for 2019: Pete Evans May not have put any flouride in his mouth over the past year…but the colour of his teeth suggests that he does not mind coating his teeth in peroxide every few hours. Thank goodness I had my Raybans with me.


I used to watch quite a bit of MKR in the last few years, but have hardly watched it this year. I think I am over it.


I agree. MKR needs villains we can hate. At the moment we have badly acted, stereotypical, shallow, cartoon like villains who are one dimensional and scripted.

The best villains are like the ones we know in real life. Not the villains on the show, who would have no friends in real life, if they acted the same way behind the camera as they do in front of the camera.


Yeah I think it’s too obvious that these two boys are trying to be the villain. It just doesn’t seem natural.


Without sounding like a broken record, last night’s ratings has surely got to be a record low. I know Seven has filmed this way in advance, but they need to speed up the pace of the show and edit out the ‘villain’ element in Group 2 of the Instant restaurants. At the moment the show is insufferable and predictable.


That ship has sailed on numerous fronts…


There are villains we love to hate and villains that just make us turn off. Josh and Austin fall into the latter category. If the producers try too hard to contrive and recruit a pair of villains, it shows and people see through it.


Is this getting repeated at all? I noticed because of sport it might not be which would be a diservice as both MAFS and ImACeleb are repeated the next day and an encore marathon on the weekends.


Can’t you check the guides yourself? That’s all that someone who will answer your question is going to do. Like I did for you:

It’s on right now on 7Two and all 3 episodes repeated again tomorrow during the day on 7flix.


ah but see thats their 2nd channels. I reckon I would have not been the first person to not know this.


But that’s exactly what they use 7TWO and 7mate for. Most people would know that.


I disagree


:roll_eyes: Why don’t you conduct a poll?