My Kitchen Rules


Clearly they have not learnt normal social cues from being home schooled throughout their parents missionaries. Once they get called out on it a few times they should learn to pull their heads in a bit, as their comments to everybody about first impressions were harsh especially to the Peruvian ladies. I suspect the Model Agency owner/Restaurant owner/Registered Nurse couple will ultimately be the true villains.

One thing I have always liked is how the ‘villains’ often score quite fairly, and it is the other teams who will go low compared to the average.


You are so right. The real ‘villians’ are the sneaky ones who score low behind everyone’s back. I think the producer should change things more by allowing each team to publicly score. That would be interesting.


I agree, I think the contestants should be made to give their scores in front of everyone and before Pete and Manu have given their scores.


MKR down 366k from last year’s launch with MAFS up 88k and Celebrity unaffected. I would say MKR is on its way out and depending how things pan out, next year could be its final season.


I think we all expected it but a bit quick to be the prophet of doom based on one night.


Not trying to make excuse but I think the TV landscape has changed drastically over the years. I have read from this forum in the past with comment like ‘it’s harder for any show to rise above 1 million nowadays’. I think that is true. Having said that, MKR is no longer as popular as it used to be.


Why couldn’t H and A have been at 7pm and 7.30pm MKR ?


I think MKR would rate lower if it is directly against Married.


And so would Home and Away against A Current Affair.


What I was trying to say is H&A would rate lower compared to MKR at 7pm.


Yes, I think it’s a strategy to stop viewers from going from H&A to MAFS at 7:30, hoping that they stick with MKR.


Well I am glad for the sake of Australian drama the 7pm experiment didn’t quite work out.


I wouldn’t classify a soap opera like Home and Away as drama.


I would.


Melodrama? :wink:


Night 2 and they’ve dropped the theme song and with that, intros of each team in the group.


Was there a theme song last night?


No, there was no theme song for the season premiere like past few years.


Cost saving?


Seeing how they saw fit to run with two hour episodes, surely a one minute theme could’ve helped pad it out.

But yeah, could also be a cost saving. Take the My Restaurant Rules repeats on 7Food - they’ve cut the Dandy Warhols song out and replaced it with a lyric-free bit of production music that has a vague resemblance.