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I wonder if they will stretch the shows to 8.30, or if they’ll finish at 8.10/8.15, where previously they had ended around 8.40/8.45 mostly…
IIRC the early eps in a season are about 90mins, so maybe after they’re over is when MKR will go back to 7.30…


I am sure every episode will still go to 9pm :stuck_out_tongue:


May be of interest


Promos ramping up now. Shame the BBL audience isn’t bigger to hear the message.


Before the full line-up for the new season was announced, there were already several articles on one of the teams, Veronica and Piper. Here is the most recent.


Will Nine still have tennis on the 28th so it will be the 2nd half of The Project vs Tennis vs MKR ? Wonder if the audience for MKR will be happy to watch it at 7pm.


Doesn’t the tennis finish on the Sunday?


Yes it does. Men’s Final is 7.30pm Sunday 27 January.


The 10th season was launched at Acre Eatery at Camperdown Commons in Sydney’s inner west last night.


Week 1 on MKR 2019

Season 10 Episode 1: Stacey & Ash, NSW - Instant Restaurant

Engaged Byron Bay influencers Stacey & Ash want to post good vibes on a plate. But as the sweethearts lose their cool, the table gets personal and team tactics are revealed.

Season 10 Episode 2: Amanda & Blake, WA - Instant Restaurant

Can proud Perth siblings Amanda & Blake turn their humble beginnings into a grand finale? Meanwhile, Josh’s table manners go from bad to worse as the home schoolers refuse to learn a lesson.

Season 10 Episode 3: Karito & Ian, WA - Instant Restaurant

Family heritage is on the line as Karito & Ian showcase the food and fire of her native Colombia. But will their Latin fiesta become a fiasco? Meanwhile, Ibby’s ready to confess.



Mick and Jodie-Anne Barlow from this season’s group 1 served a sausage sizzle during the RACV Australia Day Festival in Kings Domain today. It was only possible after Seven replaced Nine as sponsor of this year’s Australia Day festivities in Victoria.


The Australian’s Media Diary says today Seven had to change the back stories of Josh and Austin before tonight’s season premiere. Josh and Austin was initially labelled “home schooled Christians” from Sydney, but after they made provocative comments on other teams and the dishes they cooked during the instant restaurant stage, the production team had to re-film and re-edit the brothers’ back stories and change their label to “home schooled brothers”.


Do you mean the little label under their names when they do the recaps to camera? Because they were definitely introduced as Christians, and pictured outside a church.


Oh I thought Josh and Austin were a couple from the ads.


Two changes so far: guest teams were able to see the host team’s menu before each instant restaurant, and a new MKR restaurant at Waterloo in Sydney’s south which would be used in the latter stages of the season.


Make that three - Manu spruiking in the ad breaks.

The new extras/Coles promo endboard is quite nice too.


Should have gone with “home schooled dickheads”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


100% agree, some of their comments at the table went too far. They are clearly the villains out of this group.