My Kitchen Rules


There’s no way they’ll risk moving it back to 7:30pm half way through the season right? They’ll want to keep up the momentum (asssuming this works). This is very interesting news for Home and Away.

Actually, I wonder if they’ll move Home and Away to 8:30pm?


And Big Brother and The Biggest Loser…


MKR should rate well once it return on Jan 28th but MAFS might be abit too strong. Will be a good head to head.


Well that’s the end of home & away. Even if it does return, most of the remaining audience will have moved on.

This must have been a late minute decision, as they’ve been promoting H&W like no tomorrow.


Looking at Seven’s press release yesterday, I notice Seven has set up Instagram account for each team (and in the case of “perfect strangers” Milly and Karolina, two individual accounts). I am sure some of these contestants have their own Instagram but cannot use them during the competition. They may pop up when the season goes to air.


10 sec promo


I wonder if Nine will react and move MAFS.


What a smart move from Seven.


I don’t think so, A Current Affair is more than competitive against its rivals.


Random idea to accomodate MKR @ 7pm. What if they go back to a half hour news bulletin @ 6:00pm & Home & Away @ 6:30pm.


As if. The news rates nearly double the soapie. Why would they reduce their share like that?


They gave themselves leeway by running ‘genric’ promos for the show during Summer instead of the usual hyping of the tired cliché pre-Christmas crisis cliffhanger


More reason to have Today Tonight at 7pm.
And another random idea - why can’t they show H&A after their 7pm reality show? 8.30pm or 9pm is not that late for a soap


I think Seven is nervous about Nine’s MAFS after the tennis. But good on them for trying to be strategic (or sneaky). It will be interesting to see if it works. I am excited to be an observer!!


How would this affect Ch 10 's ratings? And bumping H and A until Feb doesn’t that mean more triple episodes ?

On the other hand could this affect MKR and the people who normally watch MKR get annoyed its traditional timeslot has been altered and the show is down in ratings and also wreck H and A’s audience too who desert the show when it returns later. Generally people don’t like change with timeslots so will be interesting to see if MKR rates well at 7pm.

Didn’t Ten start shows at 7pm once before ?


It’s not really sneaky at all. I think it’s quite genius. Hopefully this isn’t the beginning of the end of Home and Away.


Is it starting 21 January or 28?


January 28 (next Monday week).


Thank you. I don’t know why they don’t put the date on it like Nine do.


Jan 28 has been on the promos for weeks…?