My Kitchen Rules


I don’t think anything would do better. I was just looking at the perspective of ‘protecting’ the MKR brand. Maybe Instant Hotel would be a better option.

This is similar to The Block. Many years ago, when it was up against MKR in the beginning of the year, its ratings was not as good as it is now when it has less competition in the second half of the year.


Got a feeling that the Anniversary Special Season might mark the show shifting to the 2nd half of the year from 2020 onwards (with the Tokyo Olympics being used as the lead-in for it). I say that because I doubt they’re going to have back-to-back seasons (ie; the Anniversary Season followed by another ‘regular’ season in Q1 2020)


I feel someone needs to make the joke. Given that the program is being promoted as a “Best of” special, how did Seven find enough footage to fill the timeslot :stuck_out_tongue:


Well the start time is wrong for starters.

It begins 7:30pm not 7pm.


From the apparent 373 episodes aired as of May 2018, I would suspect.


My Kitchen Rules - Season 10

From 28 January

It’s the 10th Anniversary Season of MY KITCHEN RULES and to celebrate, our doors are open. This history-making season will test teams like never before with new challenges, new locations, new faces, new cuisines and new rewards, while a record number of perfect scores keeps every contender on their toes.

Plus, for the first time, teams will be paired up in open homes to produce a three-course menu for the public in a souped-up Instant Restaurant round. And, in another series first, can perfect strangers team up to win MKR?

Judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel are joined by Colin Fassnidge as passionate home cooks from all over Australia compete for $250,000 and the title of 2019 MKR Champions.

Real people, real food - come on in, the doors to Australia’s most popular cooking show are open!


  • Stacey & Ash, NSW – Recently Engaged
  • Amanda & Blake, WA – Sister and Brother
  • Karito & Ian, WA – Married Couple
  • Chris & Lesley, QLD – Flight Attendants
  • Andy & Ruby, QLD – Passionate Peruvians
  • Mick & Jodie-Anne, VIC – Hubby and Wife
  • Ibby & Romel, NSW - Socialites
  • Josh & Austin, NSW – Home Schooled Brothers


  • Lisa & John, WA – Mother and Son
  • Victor & G, VIC – Barmen
  • Pat & Bianca, VIC – Frenemies
  • Anne & Jennifer, VIC – Psychic and Cougar
  • Lyn & Sal, SA – Fabulous Friends
  • Matt & Luke, NSW – Cricket Mates
  • Veronica & Piper, NSW – Beauty Queens
  • Milly, VIC & Karolina, WA – Perfect Strangers

Group 1

Group 2


MKR at 7pm according to a rumour on TVTonight. Which means Home & Away will be bumped for a few weeks.


Or forever if successful. :wink:


The 7pm headstart strategy suggestion is a good one and makes sense. Big Bash means Home and Away probably wouldn’t be able to be broadcast on a Thursday for several weeks anyway, reducing screenings to three times a week. MKR could air at 7 until Big Bash ends and then they could return Home and Away mid Feb (hopefully to five nights a week).


Don’t understand why H&A can’t be moved to one of their many secondary channels. And since the overseas love this show, why not give them priority for first run episodes. A Today Tonight style show (albeit unoriginal) at 7pm would most likely do better than H&A.


Angus Ross from Seven has said Home and Away “aint going anywhere”. It can be moved but it is not their biggest challenge. Filling the back half of the year, launching a new stripped format, dealing with the ageing My Kitchen Rules and beating Nine in Sydney and Melbourne news markets arguably constitute bigger fish that need frying.


Got your point but what the TV execs said in the past doesn’t mean that they won’t change their strategy in the future. And true - they have to address their second half of the year but haven’t they been trying in the last few years? But fair to say that Seven has every reason to worry when the ratings period start next month.


Yes true. I still think Home and Away is safe at 7pm over the longer term, but as you say, if MKR or something else does particularly well there then perhaps H&A won’t remain.


Bring on the ratings period!!. I am excited to see the how the networks fight it out:)


Same here, hopefully we see more new shows succeeding and getting over a million viewers in live ratings.


And yet, we have rumours of it being bumped for a few weeks early in the new year. TV Execs will never be negative until it is time to bump or axe.


CONFIRMED: Returning 7pm Monday week - promo just screened.


0/10. Needs more bold.


can’t help you there; Broughie’s on holidays.

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Following the footsteps of MasterChef and The Block by showing at 7pm. Risky move.