My Kitchen Rules


Which is what it always should’ve been. No bitching and backstabbing but rather teamwork and creativity and dreams.


So it can be as boring as Masterchef. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Jokes aside, I actually find Masterchef much more tolerable compared to previous years. The realism of the competition and the focus on creativity lured my interest back. It’s probably one of the only shows I watch on TV (as well as HYBPA? and Ambulance Australia + Live sports) and I hardly watch TV anymore (prefer to enjoy my life outdoors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

I couldn’t care less if MKR flops or regenerates this year (Same for MAFS).


Why the 50 million comments on these subjects then? :joy:


Some harmless commentary aside…don’t care :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Personally I hope to see both My Kitchen Rules and Married At First Sight choke to death in the ratings, but…

I completely agree with this (With the AO followed by MAFS, I’d even go as far as predicting that Nine could potentially enjoy their strongest Q1 in the ratings since 2004) but at the same time, it wouldn’t be overly surprising to see MKR recovering somewhat against considerably weaker post-Easter competition on Nine in The Voice as the case was last year.


The problem is everything you say you don’t want (and which I agree with) are the things which attract viewers - a perfect example of that is the success Nine had last year after ramping up the manufactured drama on MAFS.

BTW, before people bring up Masterchef as an example - I would argue that’s the exception rather than the norm


But if Seven goes down the same path with more bitching then the ratings will drop even more. I mean, they need to find a way to rejuvenate the show so it can stay well in range of MAFS and beat that show, and combating it with the same drama isn’t going to work.


But isn’t the fighting and bitching what made MAFS more successful?


Sure. MKR tried to do the same last year. Guess what? It got smashed and rated as low of 800K on some nights. They need to get back to the glory days where they would get at least 1.2-1.3 million every night to remain competitive.

I think it might be time that Seven give the show an earlier run, starting at around early January and run to the end of April. Have it build momentum before MAFS even starts and provide decent competition (in addition to the BBL) against the Australian Open.


Last year, there was a built-up of ‘bullying’ which gave a particular episode one of the highest ratings of the season. Most of its ‘less dramatic’ episodes were smashed by MAFS.


It wasn’t the first time MKR did that and if anything, MAFS copied the idea of drama at a dinner party from MKR.

They have Big Bash cricket on many nights so that’s impossible.


But when did that air? I believe it aired long after MAFS finished. Had it been up against MAFS it would’ve been killed.


Someone can correct me but it was aired around the same time as MAFS. My point is - bitching and drama bring home the ratings. Look at MAFS.


If you are referring to the ‘You’re excused from the table’ saga, that definitely aired after MAFS finished (and after the Commonwealth Games too). It was given a clear run since the competition was The Voice and Bachelor in Paradise.

They might not have been so lucky if that was against MAFS.


You might not like it but ratings definitely go up with this stuff. Without it, ratings are lower. The show is over 10 years old so interest is naturally waning.


Oh OK. My memory must have failed me. Although I am a fan of MKR, even I have to admit that it is losing its popularity when it’s up against MAFS (which thrives on manufactured drama like MKR when it was at its peak). Maybe, Seven should bite the bullet and give up on the first couple of months and delay MKR after MAFS.


If you’re going to suggest Seven delay their biggest show and air an alternative opposite Nine’s biggest show – can you suggest what the alternative would be, that you think would do better than MKR?


Fight buzz with buzz. The Masked Singer stripped would be a good new format to fight MAFS. Run MKR against The Block.


That may work but will need to see MKR results this year. I certainly don’t think giving it two seasons in one year will do anything to help overcome longevity/viewer fatigue issues.