My Kitchen Rules


That rumour is very wrong.


Has to be wrong, we’ve only had about 2-3 months of advertising. There’s still got to be at least another 3 or 4 months to go - and we have to have the every single ad of every ad-break too!


Promo featuring brother and sister team Amanda and Blake.


New promo aired during Seven News Melbourne this evening, confirming the 10th anniversary season will premiere on Monday, January 28. Given the day/night cricket test against Sri Lanka is still scheduled for that day, does it mean a 9pm start in Sydney and Melbourne if play reaches the final session?
The same promo also reveals a contestant was lying about something about himself.


It will be day 5 and unlikely to be running at that time. But will be interesting to see what Seven does if put in that position. Probably shunt the Cricket to multichannels I would assume.


This is now confirmed as we can see it in the guides.


Confirmed - despite suggestions in early promos, it’s not “all about the food”.


RIP MKR 2010-2019

Good luck against MAFS. You’re gonna get crushed this year if you serve up the same old rubbish.


Barring a miracle, MKR 2019 is/was probably DOA from the moment we knew Nine would have the rights to show the Australian Open.


Doesn’t make any sense to me. MAFS arguably was the winner when head to head last year, and Nins didn’t have tennis then.

MKR is likely going to be reaching the end of this lifespan. 10 years is no mean feat.

It’s a in house production so there is no licensing costs. I really don’t think it would be a costly show to produce to be honest. Even if it lost a few more eyeballs I think it would be quite profitable.


“What has he done?”. Put too much Brylcreem in his hair.


It’ll be a case of “to keep watching the cricket, switch to 7mate now” for sure.


Here is the actual promo: (Ibby and Romel)

Another promo featuring Matt and Luke, grade cricketers from NSW.



Tuesday 15 January at 7.30pm

set to whet the appetites of MKR fans around the country


On the eve of its 10th Anniversary Season, MY KITCHEN RULES is serving up nostalgia with a brand new special celebrating its 10-year history.

Next Tuesday, join judges Manu Feildel , Pete Evans and Colin Fassnidge , plus some of the series’ best loved and most divisive teams, as we look back at the best of MKR.

From crowd favourites and outrageous teams, to the biggest rivalries, most memorable dishes and controversial moments, this is a revealing insight into what has made MKR one of Australia’s most popular television shows of the past decade.

Some of the winners, grinners and dinner table sinners who’ll be dishing the dirt in this tasty tribute include:

  • Beloved winning couple Dan & Steph (Season 4)
  • Texan cowboy Robert & daughter Lynzey (Season 6)
  • Tassie father and son Mick & Matt (Season 4)
  • Mouthy sisters Jess & Emma (Season 9)
  • Outspoken grand finalists Carmine & Lauren (Season 7)
  • Winning siblings Amy & “angry angry man” Tyson (Season 8)
  • Mother and son Anna & Jordan (Season 7)

They’ll even blow up some MKR myths as we honour the show’s greatest moments.

The MY KITCHEN RULES 10TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL premieres Tuesday, January 15 at 7.30pm, ahead of the Jan 28 premiere of the 10th Anniversary Season on Seven.


With the entire show on the verge of flopping this year, no doubt this will too against the Australian Open.


How do we know it’s on the verge of flopping?


Married at First Sight is being led by the Australian Open, which appeals to a similar demographic. Hence the idea of MAFS virtually crushing everything else is all but highly possible.


It’s a hard one to predict. We all saw what happened to Ninja Warrior in Season 2.


People have been predicting the demise of MKR for the past few years and then they are left with egg on their faces.

Maybe this year will be different but television viewers are a fickle bunch. Remember how well Australian Ninja Warrior did first season and how it dropped massively for the second season?

Maybe Married At First Sight will be a bigger hit this year or maybe people are sick of these type of relationship shows and it will drop too.

Either way, I don’t think we can write off MKR quite yet.


I would be surprised if any of the first quarter reality shows rate as high as last year. I was initially encouraged for MKR with their early promotions. There seemed to be a big shift in the campaign to focusing on the cooking and the positive aspects of the contestants characters. It was similar to how MasterChef re-invented itself after a couple of bad seasons. However, the most recent promos have reverted to the usual focus on drama. I think that will mean the the show will again lose viewers.