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In a report on whether Seven will "overcook MKR by having 2 seasons The Australian says

While details are still sketchy about the MKR instalment at the end of the year, it is ­rumoured to feature the most loved and loathed contestants from its decade of heroes and ­villains.


Ash and Stacey from NSW would be the first team to cook in the new season. Ash lost his left eye after he was glassed while trying to break up a fight at a party. Saw a promo tonight during Better Homes and Gardens.


New promo aired this week, with Endless Love by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross playing in the background.


Contrary to the promos of recent years, this year’s promo for next year’s MKR seems to be less ‘bitchy’ and more family-friendly.

If the show wants to be rejuvenated and succeed against MAFS next year, they need a new direction. Less bitching and backstabbing, more family cooking and creating truly extraordinary dishes.


Weren’t they the episodes that rated though?


And the episodes that drove the viewer fatigue quicker than usual. Too much fake drama = Viewers switching to other shows.

There’s bound to be a many ways that Seven can use to make it family friendly and not appear to be a copy of Masterchef at the same time.


Yes I just wonder whether Masterchef figures are good enough for seven - especially with their older demographics as well. If MKR gets 800k it isn’t going to be a good start to the year for seven.


If it doesn’t crack 1 million plus then Seven would be disappointed. Seven needs to find ways to rejuvenate the show against MAFS, as well as finding new formats which can create enough buzz to kill MAFS and The Block in the future.

Masterchef seems to be much more consistent compared to MKR lately.


According to an article in Hit+TV liftout in today’s Herald Sun, Seven will show the My Kitchen Rules 10th Anniversary Special on Tuesday night, January 15, featuring Pete, Manu and some of the most memorable contestants. It will be up against Australian Open tennis on Nine and one-day cricket match between Australia and India on Fox Cricket.


But January 15 is a Tuesday.


From yesterday:


That means a team has been crowned MKR champions but we will have to wait until May 2019 to find out.


How did you figure that out?


Pete wrote “And that is a wrap! Season 10 of MKR is in the can.” Doesn’t it mean the grand final had been filmed?


Yes. Obviously. It’s how it’s done every year.


The “perfect strangers” team has been revealed as Carolina and Milly.

Another sneak peek (change in format?)


Mkr Series 10 has just finish filming
Rumour series 10 may start Jan 13 2019


There is Big Bash coverage on 13 January that would rule out that night for a launch. The rest of the week would also be out though for the Tuesday: