My Kitchen Rules


Filming for 10th season of MKR continued at the SCG on Wednesday. Probably an outdoor challenge.

Curtis Stone was a guest judge during another outdoor challenge in late September.


Promo for season 10 aired in the first ad break after the Melbourne Cup was run and won. Very clever.


Gee, might as well start bracing for ‘After the Cricket’ ads now.


I didn’t see the point really to promote a 2019 program now! Couldn’t Seven find something else to promote - perhaps a program that will be seen this year?


Like Bride and Prejudice and Yummy Mummies? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Could have promoted something new - Orange is the New Brown.


Fair enough. That should have been the top priority.


Although a good point, I think MKR is currently Seven’s most successful non-sport program for quite a few years now hence I think it deserves that sort of promotion. But that’s not to take away the importance of the new shows that are coming up for the rest of this year. Sadly (and I am speculating of course), I doubt Seven would be able to launch a new show that would be close to the success of MKR. And I think in a couple of years’ time, MKR probably wouldn’t exist on our TV screens anymore. And to non-fans - please refrain from gloating LOL


Isn’t it about now they usually start these promos? I know in previous years it’s always been the year before and then they run all through the summer and I’m already over them by December.
Then they run the ads over and over for shows in Q3… like All Together Now (that must have been nearly a year of promos) or Cannonball which was advertised for so long and then shelved and reappeared an entirely different year. I think those ads spanned across 3 years and the show itself lasted only about 3 weeks!


Is the line in the promo “it’s all about the feud”? :wink:


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A new facade. This one is at 3 Danks Street Waterloo, which used to be Danks Street Produce Merchants.
The owner of the building at the corner of Brisbane Street and Goulburn Lane in Surry Hills (current head office of Paramount Pictures Australia), which had its facade featured on the screens for the past few years, must have decided it’s time for the building not to be featured anymore.
The second promo began to air a couple of nights ago, which introduced the “perfect strangers” concept that was revealed at Seven’s upfronts late last month.


Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the show?


As long as both ladies are from the state that should be OK.


This is as bad as the team members who can’t cook.


So they are claiming this season is all about the food but they are casting a team who can’t cook and two people who have never met to be on the same team? Doesn’t sound like its all about the food to me.


No that was last season when one of the guys admitted his girlfriend did all the cooking and he was hopeless.


Oh that is right. Sorry thought you were talking about this season.


No not really - As long at “cooking is their life” and they get into pointless feuds with the others, they fit the purpose of the show.


I was at the Taste of Sydney foodie festival last night and Will & Steve from MKR were doing a cooking demonstration. They were very entertaining and had the audience cracking up. They would probably do well with their own TV cooking show.