My Kitchen Rules


The show will continue to be shown in New Zealand after TVNZ signed a new deal with distributor Endemol Shine International. The 10th season will be shown on TVNZ2 in mid 2019.


This season’s winning couple Alex and Emily are getting married.


Two seasons to air in 2019 - second in Q4.


I reckon the second MKR in Q4 2019 is to kill off Family Food Fight (if it is renewed). The 10th anniversary special may have a shorter duration. I think it may involve teams from the past 10 seasons or teams of celebrities competing for a cash prize to be donated to charities of their choice.


Also a great way to help kill off MKR.


Unless the format revamp and/or weaker competition helps FFF rebound from last years disappointing numbers, the show doesn’t need any help to be killed


Massive new twist…no bitchiness or racism in the program…it’s all about cooking and personalities… Great British Bake Off can do it and be successful


Not to mention Masterchef.


“Last season was dramatic but this time the food will be grabbing headlines”

I won’t hold my breath…


I think it’s more to target The Block. It’s going to be interesting to observe the competition next year!


I think the possibility of Married At First Sight becoming an even bigger ratings monster than it already was this year (due to Nine picking up tennis rights…and inevitably flogging the “After The Tennis” promos for MAFS) will be enough to kill My Kitchen Rules!


Or maybe people will get MAFS fatigue and it will die like Ninja did. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So this special series is going to be an “All Stars” (ex-contestants), right?

what else could it be given they are emphasing the “MKR is celebrating 10 years” angle.


Hopefully it’s a one-off ‘All Star’ rather than risking a ‘fatigue’ by showing two seasons for the sake of filling in the gaps in the schedule.


Maybe they’ll go back to basics and just do a short season of home restaurants, followed by the cook-off eliminations.


they could call up dicko and see what he’s doing, that’ll be a blast from the past.


Seven should air the NZ version which Pete and Manu also Host and Judge. They dont have to air it on the main channel though. They could air it on 7Two, 7Mate or 7Flix


7food :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea put MKR NZ on the new 7food Channel.

Air all 4 sersons including seasons 3 and 4. Season 1 and 2 were hosted by Ben Bayly and Gareth Stewart though before getting replaced by Pete and Manu