My Kitchen Rules

Anyone else watching tonight?

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Haven’t watched for a few seasons but tonight so far has a nice feel.

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MKR is off to a great start tonight. Feels refreshed whilst still hitting the classic MKR notes. The cast seems more like real people too not instagram wannabes.

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It’s been a good start tonight so far, liking the sense of humour of the contestants so far, which is coming across well.

But for the life of me, who the heck is doing the voiceover? I know that damn voice but can’t think of the name.


@nadine I think the voiceover lady is from GoggleBox Australia.

Hmm no that’s not Jo Van Es who voiceovers GB. It is familiar though.

I hope there’s enough love for this show in this forum. It feels so sentimental to see the show return to the TV screen.

I had goosebumps when Manu first appeared. And another goosebump when he asked everyone to wait for the magic word:- ‘bon appetit’. I look forward to him uttering ‘bonjour’ and ‘au revoir’.

There’s something that I miss the most (and no, it’s not Pete Evans!). It’s the doorbell. I am disappointed that they got rid of it.

Now I need to watch The Masked Singer.

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Flicked between The Block and MKR tonight.
Good vibe on the show tonight, just like the good ol days of MKR. :+1:


As Troiboi said it isn’t Jo, but it is familiar, hence the driving me nuts part :joy:

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The proof is not in the pudding

Dessert disaster for dad and daughter team, Peter and Alice

Tonight on the season return of Australia’s favourite cooking show, MKR, Victorian dad and daughter team Peter (56) and Alice (31) presented a beautiful menu inspired by family favourites, but were let down by their take on their Grandma’s beloved Lemon Delicious pudding.

As the team’s entrée of Sunday Roast Croquette with Grandma’s Relish hit the table, the critiques were in for the competition’s first dish. The judging teams noted a lack of seasoning, char and roast flavour, along with a too-sweet relish. Judge Manu Feildel agreed, criticising the lack of roast flavour and said that although the croquette was crunchy, it lacked a salty seasoning. Manu felt the dish could have been better but acknowledged they were the first team to cook.

A disheartened Peter and Alice returned to the kitchen to prepare their main of Parmesan Crumbed Lamb Cutlets with Minted Peas, Silverbeet and Salsa Verde.

The cutlets were a hit around the table, with Western Australia’s Matt (39) saying the lamb was cooked perfectly. Queensland’s Kate (38) and Mary (57) said the dish was “spot on”.

Judges Manu and Nigella were also fans of the pair’s main. Nigella cleaned her plate and admired Peter and Alice’s ability to pick themselves up after their imperfect entrée. “I think this was just a joyful plate of food. It was so lovely. I thought the lamb was cooked perfectly. One of the many reasons you were put on this world was to put crumbs on things and deep fry them!” Nigella told Alice.

Peter and Alice returned to the table to proudly serve their Grandma’s Lemon Delicious pudding in delicate tea cups. The table was wowed with the presentation, but upon closer inspection, it became clear the team’s dessert was undercooked and more of a soup than a pudding.

“This is heartbreaking. This wasn’t cooked the way your grandma made it, was it?” asked Nigella, alluding to the team’s fatal error of cooking the puddings in tea cups rather than a casserole dish.

“This is a pudding I have made every week for 30 years. I’ve made it once for 12 people, and it’s a disaster!” said Peter.

Nigella did her best to encourage Peter and Alice, both bitterly disappointed. “You are both lovely people and cooks. It was the perfect choice to balance out your menu. These things happen to us sometimes, and it happened on the wrong night. I’m sorry.”

The teams awarded Peter and Alice a total score of 26, with Kate and Mary awarding a four, the lowest team score of the night. Manu and Nigella gave the team a score of 28, bringing Peter and Alice’s overall total to 54/110.

Judges’ Scores Entrée Main Dessert
Nigella Lawson 5 8 1 14/30
Manu Feildel 5 8 1 14/30
Total 28/60
MKR Team Scores
Kate and Mary 4/10
Ashlee and Matt 6/10
Janelle and Monzir 6/10
Arrnott and Fuzz 5/10
Steven and Frena 5/10
Guest Score 26/50
Total Score 5 4/110


Continues 7.30pm Monday – Wednesday on Channel 7 and 7plus


I have just begun watching my recording of tonight’s season premiere right after The Masked Singer finishes.
I notice that when Peter and Alice brought the entree out of the kitchen, there were two men hiding near the bush.



Who were those two people?

A) How did you even see that. It took rewinding and playing and rewinding for me to notice lol

B) Assume it’s the production team.

I noticed the two men almost immediately when father and daughter exited the kitchen.

Remember the Daily Mail article in May when Nigella and Manu were filmed at the Sydney Opera House? Turns out it was for the opening segment when they met the first six teams.

Don’t like some of the new production elements of the show, stings, cuts to profile of the dishes, the music. Bit too dramatic for mine, compared to previous seasons.

My thoughts on the first episode:

The first segment ran for 27 minutes which must be a series record.
Almost everything is new: judge (Nigella), narrator, graphics, even competition format - lowest scoring team at the end of the round is eliminated, the highest scoring team goes straight into semi final, while the remaining teams will take part in the playoffs.
One thing I don’t like is that unlike previous seasons, when the cooking team brings out each course, the judges don’t eat and then critique the dish right away. Instead, the team has to go back to the kitchen and wait quietly, while the judges and other five teams finish the food, before returning to the dining room to hear comments from the judges. I think it is a waste of time. In previous seasons, the hosting team could prepare for the next course while the judges and other teams were eating.

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The big complaint from contestants was that by the time they ate the food, it had gone cold so they are avoiding that now.


Nigella has just rescued MKR. What a great refresh. Just the right amount of time to be off air, back to basics and feels all brand new.

Hopefully next year they can get Nigella in for the complete season.


Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves about another season. The ratings will be interesting.


Third on launch night. Wonder if it will go down in ratings or build? The Block off to a big start…

If* there are future season.

Half a mil is ok, albeit third.

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