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Anyone know where they filmed tonight’s open house? The property is absolutely gorgeous. I know they used one in Sans Souci last week since it was in our local paper.


I reckon tonight’s open house was filmed at the outskirts of Sydney.

Pete and Manu will be doing a Q&A on Facebook Live tomorrow (Tuesday) at 5.30pm. I think one question many fans will ask is “are you disappointed with this season’s TV ratings?”.

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Many fans will ask that?

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Doesn’t matter if it’s them or Seven executives, they will be VERY disappointed, as they should.

Hopefully in the future they stay away from the bitching and make the show faster or it will drain faster.


When the anniversary series airs later in the year I guess we’ll see if there is still life in the series or if it was the poor summer lead in and a very strong MAFS alone that resulted in poor ratings…

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I am confused. I thought I read from some comments on this forum that there won’t be a second series but may be a derivative version?

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They’ve said it’s a spin-off.


I’d say it’s that. MKR heavily relied on exclusive tennis and cricket essentially killed the show with their poor ratings thanks to that wretched deal with Fox and their stupid simulcast.

In hindsight it would’ve been wiser for Seven to take a risk, walk away from the cricket and launch MKR in the 1st week of January. Have a head start before the Australian Open and build a solid audience before MAFS starts.


It’s not just about prime time. Cricket fills hours of screen time throughout summer. Having no tennis and no cricket would hacd put them in the same boat as Ten.


As I have said many times before, I do agree with what you’re saying however:

  1. Seven being on a higher and perhaps more loyal audience base means that whatever they dish out during Summer would do better than 10 if they offered the same thing.

  2. I’m a Celebrity did very well, in fact better than usual against Live sports, despite the lack of a platform over Summer as well as lacklustre ratings during the period.

Overall that’s just my take on it although you don’t have to agree with me if you feel like my point isn’t good enough.


It’s not. That’s why i disagree.

MKR is probably heading towards the end of its use by date. Having no cricket all summer and starting it a few weeks eaflier would not have prevented MAFS being fierce competition against it now.


Do you mean that the only way MKR could’ve maintained the million mark figures is only through tennis and without it they would be doomed either way?

MKR is quite old but not sure if it’s passed use-by-date when shows like The Block and Masterchef still powers along nicely.

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MAFS was already beating MKR last year for most if the run. MKR was ahead in the Instant Restaurants and recovered after it finished early. Tennis just gave MAFS an earlier boost this year and they tweaked the format to not have so many weddings at the beginning that rated worse that the contrived drama.

Masterchef is not doing that much better than MKR really and its ofyen beaten by the competition too. The Block has less competition against it too.


The argument is that MKR would have struggled regardless. Likewise, I don’t think the tennis has added much to MAFS’ success; it is a popular brand (for some reason) that has come off the back of a number of good runs.


I agree MKR might have done OK to begin its run if it had run at the beginning of January but I think it would have rated worse than it is nowcome Married returning and 7 probably would have ended up with similar figures to 10 (slightly higher). Cricket is a great pick up for 7 in the long term. They can’t really expect MKR to still be airing in 6 years, they have the cricket that will likely continue to provide hours and hours of content for the next 5 years.


The final Open House challenge was filmed at the apartments at North Narrabeen right next to the beach car park.

EDIT: looks like Josh and Austin have redeemed themselves with their cooking during the final Open House challenge with Veronica and Piper. The team scored a 9 from Manu with spiced venison main (cooked by Josh), a huge improvement from their first instant instaurant when Manu said he was “so, so disappointed” with the brothers’ efforts. The team scored a total of 118 points (it was not mentioned during the broadcast) and finished third in the round, sending Lyn and Sal and Mick and Jodie-Anne to MKR restaurant for the sudden death cookoff.


A new promo for Super Dinner Parties aka Ultimate Instant Restaurant aired tonight during AFL. Unfortunately it gave away which two teams would make it to the round.

Sunday’s biscuit challenge was filmed at Coles Top Ryde in Sydney’s north on October 23 last year. A boy took this video on his smartphone:

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Don’t know whose fault it was and if it happened every but Central West NSW Prime aired a Coles ad announcing who won the biscuit challenge during the first ad break of the show.

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It aired in Canberra too

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Found a tweet about the spoiler.

Also, seems that someone who happened to be at Top Ryde during the filming wasn’t happy with the experience.

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