Mr Black

Mr. Black

Cast announced for Network Ten


AFI Award-winning actor and much-loved comedian Stephen Curry ( The Castle , The King ) stars as Mr. Black , in the hilarious new Australian comedy series, which has received principal production investment from Screen Australia.

As a larrikin former sports journalist whose mortality is staring him in the face, Mr. Black (Stephen Curry) strives to fulfill one last wish – to break up the relationship between his daughter and her sensitive, new-age boyfriend.

Joining Stephen is one of Australia’s most well-respected actors, Nadine Garner ( The Doctor Blake Mysteries , City Homicide ), whose career in television, film and theatre has spanned more than 25 years. Nadine will play Rowena Black.

Created by multi award-winning writer, actor and producer Adam Zwar ( Wilfred , Agony series) and co-written with Amanda Brotchie ( Squinters , Lowdown ), Mr. Black also stars Nick Russell ( Winners & Losers ) as Fin Cruickshank, Sophie Wright ( Kinky Boots ) as Angela Black and Paul Denny ( Lowdown ) as Malcolm.

Network Ten Head of Comedy, Paul Leadon , said: “It is a delight to be working with Adam and Amanda. They are an incredibly strong creative duo. Throw in Stephen Curry, Nadine Garner, an amazing cast, plus the team at CJZ and we have all the ingredients for a very special narrative comedy.”

CJZ Managing Director and Executive Producer, Nick Murray , said: “We loved this project from the minute Adam Zwar pitched it to us and so did TEN. Having Amanda Brotchie and Clayton Jacobson directing is brilliant and Stephen Curry as Mr. Black is suitably appalling. It’s a real pleasure to be working with this team.”

Screen Australia Production Investment Manager, Shana Levine , said: “Adam Zwar has a history of bringing idiosyncratic and likeable characters to our TV screens, and his latest series Mr. Black will be no exception.

“Zwar and his writing team have created a highly entertaining script, breathing new life into the classic father, daughter and daughter’s new boyfriend dynamic. Working alongside the talented CJZ team, we’re confident this witty series will resonate with a wide audience, as it so cleverly draws comedy from the differences and unexpected similarities between baby boomers and millennials.”

Film Victoria CEO, Caroline Pitcher said: “We look forward to seeing this urban Melbourne comedy brought to screen by a home-grown, hilarious and talented team. Mr. Black is a terrific addition to the TEN slate and to the impressive list of television production in Victoria.”

Mr. Black is a CJZ production for Network Ten, with principal production investment from Screen Australia in association with Film Victoria.

Mr. Black is currently in production in Melbourne and will air on TEN and WIN Network in 2019.


Read a bit about this earlier in the day, sounds interesting I’ll be watching :slight_smile:

Also for Simpsons fans, the inevitable reference: :stuck_out_tongue:


I am glad that I wasn’t the only one to think of this Simpsons reference when I saw the title of the show.

And to answer your question: No!

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Good to see more scripted comedy being produced.


Every time I see this thread, I read the title in Uncle Blackie’s voice.

Gentlemen, to evil!


Ten are really trying with this genre.

Rings a bell… :thinking:

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Looks like The Blake Mysteries won’t be around for long at Seven.

Not unheard of to have talent across multiple shows during the year. e.g. Julia Morris doing House Husbands and I’m A Celebrity

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Well, lots of actors appear in two (or even three) series in a year.
Jessica Marais - Love Child & The Wrong Girl
Julia Morris - I’m A Celebrity and House Husbands
Marta Dusseldorp - Janet King & Jack Irish & A Place To Call Home
Rodger Corser - Glitch & Doctor Blake Mysteries & Doctor Doctor
Danielle Cormack - Rake & Wentworth
Nicole da Silva - Wentworth & Doctor Doctor
Patrick Brammal - No Activity & The Letdown & Upper Middle Bogan & Glitch
Rob Collins - The Wrong Girl & Cleverman & Glitch

Any on Seven?

The MKR contestants pop up on Better Homes and Gardens :wink:

Well, Joel Creasey did Show Me The Movie and Take Me Out this year.

Sam Pang on the Front Bar and HYBPA (and a recent appearance on True Stories?)

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Also Julia Zemiro soon hosting All Together Now on Seven and Home Delivery on the ABC.

You forgot Craig, or aren’t we allowed to mention him?

Quite right. I’m sure there are many more.

Herald Sun reports today that Eddie McGuire has filmed a cameo, in which he tries to lure a new recruit to Collingwood Football Club.

First promo