Watch Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom yesterday, and as a massive fan of the franchise and despite the critics, this has to be my favourite one so far. So many suspenseful action packed scenes. One scene that stood out the most, and will go down as the most iconic and saddest scene of the entire franchise was the death of the brachiosaurus ,that really got me and the many movie goers who had shed a tear.


The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences have approved several changes to the Oscars in an attempt to arrest the recent TV ratings slump in the US. The changes include limiting the length of the awards show to three hours, introducing a new category which is equivalent to “most popular movie” and presenting select categories live in the Dolby Theatre during commercial breaks of the Oscar ceremony.




The Merger, a film about a small town aussie rules team set in the fictional town of Bodgy Creek. It was filmed in Wagga Wagga. It’s in cinemas today, and looks good.


After somehow avoiding it all these years I finally watched the original Blade Runner movie last night on Stan. I was totally underwhelmed. Slow with a story that just isn’t interesting enough for a two hour movie. I had thought it was sort of like an action adventure sci-fi movie, but it’s not with very little action and no swashbuckling adventure. I was going to watch the recently made sequel, but now won’t bother.


Johnny English Strikes Back :star: :star: :star: Unexpectedly funny throughout

Ladies in Black :star: :star: :star: :star: Enjoyable, relatable and consistent, great performances and a great recreation of the era


I saw Ladies in Black one week ago today. It was quite enjoyable with a great cast.


i saw first man last night. it was quite enjoyable with the launch sequences especially being well done and a great reason to see it in the movies


Just seen Bohemian Rhapsody. Well worth your time. A little cheesy towards the end, but the Live Aid finale had the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end. Do yourself a favour and see this film.


Don’t watch the Stan version. Watch the final cut, and watch it twice. It is an amazing movie once you understand the biblical and moral questions the movie poses. Second film is even better too.


Rutger Hauer was great in the original, as was the not too prolific Sean Young.

The sequel was pretty good, though overly long and I know people who didn’t like it.

Not a premise nor script for everyone’s tastes.


Thanks for the tip - I’ll try watching the final cut version.


been planning on seeing this - was going to take the wifey tomorrow but kids got in the way. hopefully next week


I notice a couple of new movie promos on TV and at bus stops are just showing “Coming Soon” instead of actual release date, such as Second Act starring Jennifer Lopez. Are movie distributors worried these titles will be box office flops?


I watched A Star is Born on Wednesday night. Lady Gaga should win Best Actress at the Academy Awards, and the movie should get a a few other awards I think, including Best Picture and Best Original Song. Gaga’s voice is perfect as always, and she puts in a stunning performance in the lead role.


Was lucky enough to see today’s theatrical launch of The Girl In The Spiders Web (I gave a review on Whirlpool). Quite good, dark but dull of action and great pacing, if you’re a fan of the books or previous film entries. 7.5/10.

Also saw a trailer for Glass being released early next year, M Night sequel to Unbreakable, plus a link to Split. Interesting to see the Buena Vista name being resuscitated for it.


They’re doing it for international films (i.e. not US) and acquisitions. Patrick (involving a cute pug, not the Australian film where the guy just lays there) is another film they’re bringing out under Buena Vista.


Yes, sorry I forgot to add International to the end of it, as you correctly pointed out, used when Disney co-finances/co-distributes a film but isn’t the principal studio (i.e.) domestic - North America.

It’s just I haven’t seen it used for years. “Air Force One” is a major example, was theatrically distributed in the US by Columbia (Sony) but Disney here.

I guess Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International is too much of a mouthful! But they dumped 99% of the Buena Vista name around 11 years ago, “Disney International” could’ve been an option?


I saw Bumblebee in Hoyts Melbourne Central today. I am a big Transformers fan so I have seen all movies fro the franchise. I must say Bumblebee is arguably the best movie from the six produced so far. It’s more about the story of a girl’s coming-of-age rather than Autobots v Decepticons, and Hailee Steinfeld’s performance was superb.


Saw Aquaman at Event Cinemas George Street. Very decent movie, but I had one major, major, MAJOR issue bugging me.

To the couple who thought they could have a chat during the movie loud enough so I could hear it, and the 3 nufties who were playing on their phones in front of me…go and get stuffed you insufferable turds. You were told to shut the hell up and turn your phones off. I shouldn’t have to give you the death stare to make you comply with the cinema’s actual conditions of entry.

F-wits. :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage: