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Anyone seen the new Star Wars movie ‘The Force Awakens’ yet? Looks really good and hoping to see it soon.

The movie has been breaking records everywhere reaching $1 billion at the box office already (it took just 12 days to reach it)! The previous movie to reach $1 billion the fastest was Jurassic World, which did it in 13 days in June.

I went and saw The Night Before the other week and I really enjoyed it. Love Seth Rogen

I have, it was a great movie! (considering I haven’t seen the the other 6 yet, I’m new to Star Wars.)

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I have, it was a great movie! (considering I haven’t seen the the other 6 yet, I’m new to Star Wars.)[/quote]Great! I would probably skip over the prequels if I were you.:yum: They were terrible In comparison to the originals. Sounds like this one has got the franchise back on track, which is good to hear.

Is there a reason that The Peanuts Movie is being marketed as “Snoopy and Charlie Brown The Peanuts Movie” here in Australia?

I don’t know, but it is a stupid name. Why not market it as The Peanuts Movie for the whole world?

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Regardless of the name, it sounds like a movie worth watching from what I’ve heard. However I’m personally going to wait for the DVD release.

I’m keen to see it, just confused as to why they would market it differently here than in the US.

anybody thinking about going to see the Steve Jobs movie when it is released later this month, dont bother its not worth the 2 hours

I prefer the one with Ashton Kutcher, even though Woz said some parts were inaccurate.

@bacco007 How did you get to see it before the end of the month?

Magic @AlanCramer

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I’m confused as well. It’s not like Peanuts is completely unknown here, they can get away with either Snoopy and Charlie Brown or The Peanuts Movie. Not both.

Watched Basic Instinct.

Great film but boy oh boy…

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Same! As I’m planning on going to see the new Star Wars movie, I think I’ll wait for the DVD release of this as I can’t afford to watch everything at the cinemas. :wink:

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I am going to pretend the new star wars Awaken movie doesn’t exist. :stuck_out_tongue:[/quote]Is it that bad? Going by the reviews and general consensus, it’s apparently really good? Can’t wait to see it! :grin:

Fair enough. I seriously doubt it could be any worse than the prequels, but we’ll see I guess! :smile:

Finally got around to seeing SPECTRE. Quite an enjoyable romp, and much better than some of the negative crits would suggest, but not as good as Skyfall. The reboot and “introduction” of Blofeld was a little disconcerting in the overall context of the Bond franchise… Daniel Craig is still the best Bond since Sean Connery.

Also saw Mississippi Grind yesterday, with Ben Mendelsohn and Ryan Reynolds. Ben Mendelsohn has always been a good actor, but my opinion of Ryan Reynolds has changed dramatically towards the positive over recent years and he is really beginning to grow on me as a quality actor - he’ll probably win an Oscar one day.

Spectre was a downgrade from Skyfall imo. Never really took to the heights of the previous film, and apparently the bad guy from Skyfall was working for Spectre? The fuck? Obvious and unnecessary retcon.

The Force Awakens is easily my movie of 2015. Saw it on premiere night at midnight and again yesterday and I could easily see it again. The film basically recreates the magic of the first three films (Episodes 4, 5 and 6), while introducing the audience to new characters, might I add with the help of the old guard. Even R2-D2 gets a ‘successor’ who is just as entertaining as it was in the earlier films. Excellent film.