Tom, I’d love to see your Top 10 films (if you can be bothered) :slight_smile:


Sure. No particular order, because it’s hard to rank.

2001 Space Odyssey

Blade Runner (final cut), although the sequel is potentially better especially with the religious and literary subtexts and philosophical connotations. Original is incredible because of its revolutionary cinematic techniques and Roy Batty monologue.

Lord of the Rings franchise (excluding Hobbit films). All three films are equally weighted.

Interstellar, although I’ve only seen it twice or so. Very hard to rewatch without becoming tiresome. Might be surpassed by Dunkirk.

Cloverfield, honourable mention to 10 Cloverfield Lane which is really good as well.


Mad Max 2, although the recent one is really good too.

The Pierce Brosnan Bond films - no, I’m not joking. I really enjoy them because they’re fantastic popcorn flicks.

Die Hard series, soft spot for the one at the airport.

My favourite recommendation to people looking to be pleasantly surprised is Home Alone Three - it’s a classic which is completely written off despite being IMO better than the first two Home Alones.


Thanks for that.

None of them would be in mine, though 2001 A Space Odyssey would probably be the closest.

But I’m a movie purist, so yeah.

Brosnan was also my favourite Bond, though I’ll admit Connery got the quintessential Bond image bang on.


Coming soon from Village Roadshow and Warner Bros.


Yes, been following it a little, looks like a fresh take on the classics. Also has the potential to back-fire. All star cast. Bonham Carter getting top billing really.


Got out the old “Home Alone” (1990) DVD and had no idea Kevin’s dad in the movie John Heard died, in fact just some months ago (heart attack), how tragic, wasn’t very old.


Village Cinemas have jacked up the price of movie tickets and the price of some items at the candy bar at some locations on Friday and Saturday nights. Will joint venture partner Event Cinemas follow their lead, I wonder?


MovieMan saw “Jumanji” (2017) remake today at Village Cinemas, Karingal (Frankston).

It was better than I expected. Actually enjoyed.


Did I just speak in 4th person :wink: - also a quote from the film


Went to see Pitch Perfect 3 tonight. It was ok enjoyable entertainment for a couple of hours. However, there were two annoying things about it - Rebel Wilson who just plays the same character in every movie she is in did it again and every scene she is in is excruciating. Second is John Lithgow, an otherwise fine actor, who played Wilson’s father requiring him to put on the absolutely worst Australian accent I have ever heard in my life.


No word on which network if any will cover The Razzies or whether they will be live into all markets.


A new Fantastic Beasts movie has a plot hole, apparently.


What are the cinemas thinking by screening The Avengers: Infinity War on Anzac Day (which falls on a Wednesday this year)?


One word and a lot of symbols…money. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Disney couldn’t wait one more day to release it on the customary Thursday.

This is why Disney should be told to fuck off and barred from buying parts of Fox.


The problem is, and as Richard Wilkins said, is that the cinemas should not be allowed to open before 1:00pm. They should not be a business that are exempt from the Anzac Day trading laws. The state and territory governments need to ensure they don’t open from next year, and ensure that similar entertainment venues are also closed until 1:00pm. Village Cinemas in Victoria appear to all be closed in the morning, but the cinemas managed by joint venture partner Event Cinemas elsewhere in Australia appear to be open.

I just checked and the Village Roadshow theme parks on the Gold Coast and in Sydney are closed on Anzac Day, whereas the Sydney Aquarium, Bridge Climb and Sydney Tower Eye Skywalk are open all day. Both Luna Parks in Sydney and Melbourne are open in the morning.


The Avengers: Infinity War has posted the biggest opening weekend ever at the US box office, making US$250 million, just ahead of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (US$247.96 million). In Australia, Infinity War posted the second biggest opening weekend in history, making $21.239 million, behind The Force Awakens’ $27.254 million.


this is such a great movie:) and im glad it premiered anazc day:D


Perth CBD will have cinemas again after the last one closed five years ago. Palace Cinemas will open a 12-screen complex at Raine Square in the third quarter of this year, followed by a 9-screen Hoyts cinema in Carillon City by 2021.


With Incredibles 2 and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom dominating the box office, it’s interesting looking at the two.

Whilst Incredibles 2 opened first and broke records (expected do to well over $500m, which will still be up there with some of the biggest ever animated films), it did tumble in most territories after week or so, losing out to JP. However, it has received overwhelming critical praise.

Whereas JP is heading fast towards and over $1b, but won’t do anywhere near as well as 2015 and has received overwhelmingly mixed-negative reviews, particularly from professional critics.


I’m assuming that you are talking about worldwide figures there. That makes things very difficult to compare as Jurassic World was released in twice as many countries as The Incredibles 2 and earlier than it as well.

International markets regularly help big bang poorly reviewed tentpole pictures perform better than compared to English speaking markets. In the US JW2 opened at only 75% of what Jurassic World did only a couple of years ago, it itself was not that well reviewed and so there is less enthusiasm this time around (and apparently it is not as good a movie either), whereas Incredibles 2 was very well reviewed and had the advantage of following an equally respected movie and having 14 years of anticipation.

Interestingly here in Australia The Incredibles 2 and Jurassic World 2 had basically the same opening weekend box office figures. The Incredibles 2 only dropped 38% in its second week in Australia compared to the 56% in the US.


I haven’t bothered to read what happens in this movie, but I’m guessing a bunch of dinosaurs escape and kill numerous people before they are again supposedly brought under control or wiped out. Pretty much the same plot as the all the previous movies.