I’ve started going to my local reading cinemas now. cheap, has recliners and chair service.

i saw the last james bond in gold class when i was on a gold coast holiday with my wife and it was expensive, and not as great as reading.

I usually go to normal viewing sessions. My local cinema is Village Century City near Glen Waverley railway station, although if I am in Melbourne CBD I always go to Hoyts Melbourne Central.

I have only been to a Gold Class cinema once (about 7 years ago at Village Rivoli as part of a corporate party). I have also seen movies at Extremescreen at Hoyts Melbourne Central and also 4DX at Village Century City.

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My Reading Cinemas is currently under renovation, but it’s always been a normal theatre. No Gold Class at all.

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Are they just in the Aussie version?

The next 007 movie will be distributed internationally by Universal Pictures, but subsequent titles will be released by Warner Bros.

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Although its not often i go to the Entertainment Quarter (or the Hoyts there), but when i do, i always call that whole area as Fox Studios for some reason, probably since the Fox Studios Backlot was there. Now that’s going some years back. lol. It will take some time calling it Disney Studios now.

But it was only renamed today. :wink:

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There will be a Candlelight Concert Series across 100 cities, including Los Angeles, New York, London, Toronto, Melbourne, Paris, Singapore, Milan, São Paulo and Mexico City, with music performed from the studio’s iconic films and series.

I’ve seen a lot of funny things written about movie tropes over the years, but this thread in Twitter has some very funny ones. This was the first post.

Media Spy members will probably appreciate this one


Jeremy Renner in a “critical but stable” (didn’t think you could be in both though) condition, after a snow ploughing accident in America. Get well soon!

Ive only ever called someone twice to tell them to put the TV on and both were for the same thing, and it didn’t matter which FTA channel they put on - this was when i was in london in september when QEII died - i called my wife and mother from london telling them to put the TV on

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Saw Tár at Hoyts Melbourne Central this afternoon. Cate Blanchett delivered a brilliant performance in the main character. Solid favourite for the Oscars in two weeks’ time.

What is interesting is that acknowledgments and most of the technical crew credits are shown in the opening minutes of the film, leaving the cast credits, tracklist and copyright notice to the end. It is similar to Hollywood movies of the 1940s and 1950s.

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Titular is correct?

Maybe he meant title character?