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Kevin Bacon starring in three movies on FTA tonight :smile: Channel 7 (A Few Good Men), Channel 9 (Apollo 13) and Friday the 13th (NITV). The former two promos even featured him/name tagged, not sure if the latter did one.

And on the latter, nice to see SBS playing along tonight :scream:


A bit of a mixup on 9Gem today. Casino Royale (1967) is currently airing on the channel, but the TV guides are claiming that they are airing the later 2006 adaption, which is the (canonical) 21st film in the James Bond series.

1 Like is listing the 1967 film airing on 9Gem (Brisbane and Sydney). Melbourne has Rugby League instead on 9Gem.


Friday 3 November midday on Nine

Thursday 9 November 8:45 PM Seven

Friday 10 November Midday Nine

Jurassic World will be shown on Seven for the first time on Friday 10 November. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will follow on the Saturday.

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Nine Thursday 16 November midday.

Nine Friday 17 November midday.

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Christmas movies early/mid November?

Usually they start this from 1st December.

I’m assuming this is aligning up with Stan and 7+ holiday programming?

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Well 7flix was airing Elf just the other night. Pretty sure them or Nine first aired Love Actually very early in December or late November a year or two back as well. Agree though, it’s a bit ridiculous.

They also aired it in late January this year from memory

Usually the midday movies don’t start Christmas themed films until December. This seems to be new.

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Probably because these are first run and Nine wants to get them in before the end of ratings.

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Jurassic World will be shown on Seven for the first time - Promo


I notice that before The King’s Man started on Seven tonight, there was a long ad for Disney+. I wonder if the movie was just another promo for the streaming platform?

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Anyone for a made for TV movie?

Nine Monday 20 Nov midday

Nine Tuesday 21 Nov midday

Nine Wednesday 22 Nov midday

Nine Thursday 23 Nov midday

Nine Friday 24 Nov midday


Nothing major, but a reasonable point none the less, it is slightly annoying when the incorrect title (in Australia) is used, as TV/Pay TV/TVOD/SVOD/BVOD are usually all under the same division at studios, being fed here from the US. This is just one of numerous examples:

It is actually known as xXx: The Next Level here and outside North America (or xXx2: The Next Level or xXx: State of Emergency), as seen below on the original home entertainment releases (which is from the same offices as the local theatrical distributors rather than from the US). Note: pronouned as ‘Triple Ex’ and stylised as ‘xXx’ I believe to differentiate from adult entertainment.

And reiterating my first point perfectly, like Seven’s licence for this broadcast from Sony, YT Australia’s licence from Sony (as seen below) showing the same wrong title and even different artwork:


Nine Tuesday 28 November midday

Nine Wednesday 29 November midday

Nine Thursday 30 November midday

Nine Friday 1 December midday

Nine Friday 1 December 10:30 pm

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Samsung TV has just also launched a 24 hour Christmas movie channel.

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Seven also has some premiere midday movies coming up.

Seven 18 November midday

Seven 19 November midday

Seven 20 November midday Original title: Island of Shadow

Seven 27 November midday

Seven 28 November midday

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Very rare occurrence tonight on FTA, no Hollywood movies, a feature of pretty much every single night since the m/c era began on at least one channel, usually more. @TV.Cynic
On what is a very weak night of TV, would be lots seeking m/cs for a movie but find not really much, actually think both main channel and m/c raw numbers will be low low low tonight and expect m/c shares combined to be large again albeit not as high if movies which have long run times and air late, might give 9Rush, 7Bravo, Nickelodeon SBS Food, NITV, ABC Plus and ABC Me all much needed boosts.

Usual suspects 7, 9, 7mate, 7flix, 9Go, 9Gem and Nickelodeon have nil, while SBS World Movies does, they’re x3 local Australian titles plus a UK one.


Okay, very late on SBS World Movies, there is the original About Last Night starring 80s ‘brat pack’ a young Demi Moore and Rob Lowe airing.

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Nine’s midday movie lineup:

Monday 4 December midday Nine

Tuesday 5 December midday Nine

Wednesday 6 December Nine

Thursday 7 December midday Nine

Friday 7 December midday Nine

And from Seven Monday’s is a premiere

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