Movies on TV

Nine: Friday 25 August 10:55pm Mel, Ade, Per

Seven: Saturday 26 August 9:45 PM 7/7Mate

Update: Venom is out of the schedule.

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The Blind Side has been in the news a fair bit this week. And seems to be a late inclusion in the schedule for tonight. It started at 8.30pm on 9Gem.

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It was also shown in AFL states on the main channel.


Seven - Saturday 2 September 7:30 pm (9:15pm Melb).

Seven - Saturday 2 September 10:15 pm

Nine: Friday 1 September midday

9Go! Thursday 31 August 9:45 pm

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife is a FTA premiere and will be under 2 years since theatrical release, licenced by Sony. It received mixed to positive reviews and was a box office success, although was initially expected to do much better, but still COVID affected. It ignores the third franchise entry (2016) with the all-female cast which was a box office flop but mostly positive reviews which left the original canon and returns as a sequel to the second film (1989). The marathon started last night across Seven following the WWC.

Old is also a FTA premiere, 2 years exactly since theatrical release, from Seven’s new NBC-U output. A recent entry for gamechanging supernatural director M Night Shyamalan, a chiller set on a tropical getaway. Was a box office success, albeit still COVID and received mostly positive reviews.

Both will likely be encored on 7mate/7flix in near succeeding weeks too, as well as uploaded to bvod 7Plus for on-demand streaming.


Fast & Furious 7 will air on 9Go! on Thursday, then 7Bravo on Sunday…


Nine’s midday movie Friday 8 Sep

Saturday 2 September 7:30 pm Nine/9Gem - late addition to the schedule.

Saturday 16 September 11:30 PM Nine

Midday movie Friday 15 September Nine

Friday 15 September 8:30 PM Seven/7Mate

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Nine’s midday movie on Friday 22 September.

Nine Saturday 23 September 11:30pm

7Flix Friday 22 September 6:05 pm

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Looks to be onerous from Nine’s NBC-U contract, also based off the year of release (not very recent), very late timeslot and knowing Seven now have the output. Not the first this year either.

This film was fairly publicised back in 2018 and 2019 awards season though, as some might remember, a Spike Lee joint :wink:

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Ninja Turtle Marathon tomorrow night (Friday 15th September), on NITV:

7.30 - 9.15pm: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
9.15 - 10.45pm: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II (1991)
10.45pm - 12.25am: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (1993)


It will be shown on 7mate in Melbourne and Adelaide at the earlier time of 7.30pm on Friday.



NITV do air some other older, non indigenous, obscurer-ish movies (IIRC they played the original 1993 Super Mario Bros Movie earlier this year), so the TMNT Trilogy doesn’t seem too out of place in that retrospect. But agree that it can seem somewhat out of place on NITV


Seven: Saturday 30 September 7:30 pm (AFL GF night)

Nine: Friday 29 September Midday


Should be dropping Border this night (who will really be watching Nine including ACA in the early evening this night!?), given the lead-ins for continuous flow, look at 2016 and 2017. While many, especially AFL markets (save for if Lions and/or GWS make/win the GF and contest depending) and particularly Melbourne will just have the TV on all day/night in the background and that 30min might not matter much, it’d surely provide a better result for the movie(s), with millions having tuned-in earlier in the day.

In 2016, Seven News Melbourne rated an unprecedented 800k+ alone after the 3m+ metro AFL GF thriller with WB and SYD, which then saw movie Grown Ups rate high, while the next year after RICH and ADEL despite lower ratings and a blow-out and lower Seven News Melbourne, the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark rated over 300k in Melbourne (over 800k metro), one of the highest rating movies in years at that time.


I caught a 7Bravo Movie Club promo the other day on 7flix for “Fifty Shades” (which was one of the last titles to first run on Seven 6 years ago in their previous NBC-U output) and its impressive, over an extended 30sec promo, the V/O and graphics literally listed 50 shades of the colour grey! :laughing: Not sure if anyone capped it. @TV.Cynic

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Seven Saturday 7 October 10:15 PM

Nine again reruning the ‘Harry Potter Weekends’ that they did earlier this year on the main channel.

Now on 9Go! as ‘Harry Potter Fridays’. Same promos as the ‘Saturdays’ the main channel ran earlier this year. Beginning with Harry Potter and The Philosiphors Stone, and continuing with ‘The Chamber of Secrets’.

May be related to the recent passing of Michael Gambon, who played Dumbledore in the films.

9Go! Friday 13th October 7:30pm

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Nine’s midday movie Friday 20 October

Seven: Wednesday 18 October midday.

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Kevin Bacon starring in three movies on FTA tonight :smile: Channel 7 (A Few Good Men), Channel 9 (Apollo 13) and Friday the 13th (NITV). The former two promos even featured him/name tagged, not sure if the latter did one.

And on the latter, nice to see SBS playing along tonight :scream: