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So WB titles like The Batman, Elvis and Aquaman 2 will eventually air on Nine.

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The most recent FTA premieres on Seven from WB (which were all last year) were:

Main channel: Smallfoot, Tag, Shazam, Lego 2, The Mule and Godzilla 2.

7flix: Teen Titans Go, The Nun, Pokemon Det Pickachu and Nancy Drew Hidden Staircase.

Safe to assume there might not be any more on Seven, following Nine’s recent deal. However those titles you mentioned are at least 2 years away from being available for FTA.

Strangely, the film is on 7flix while the show is on 9Go. Although that might change soon if Nine gets back all WB films.

Tonight (Friday 29 July) at 6.30pm on 7flix - check your local guides

Saturday August 13 7:30 PM - Seven and 7Mate

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I’m surprised this movie was not mentioned here. It was on 9Go. A great ‘stay at home’ Friday night movie. It was a nail-biting thriller and I was literally biting my nails!

Elisabeth Moss looks very much like Jodie Foster in this movie.

This movie was one of the movies released during the pandemic. It was a box office hit and was reportedly grossing $142 million worldwide against a $7 million budget.

Last movie I saw before lockdown - Feb 27 2020. So wasn’t quite released during pandemic.

I’ve also deleted a spoiler from your post.

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Not too bad for a box office hit that was screened predominantly on drive-thru when pandemic restrictions started. I read that it was rushed through to digital release. It would have been a great lockdown movie for me when I was stuck at home during that time.

P.S. I can’t believe it has been 2 years since we started to hear words like COVID, lockdowns and vaccines. Oops I digress.

It wasn’t very good, but nowhere near as bad as Fantasy Island.

I love Fantasy Island. For me, it was not as good as The Invisible Man because the storyline can be a bit confusing for my little brain.

Blumhouse is the production company for both movies. I love their horror movies and have watched quite a few in the last couple of years. Halloween Ends was the latest movie I have watched but I didn’t like it that much.

Some of their movies are so bad that you just can’t turn away :grinning:

Attempted streaming it on Netflix or Binge or Stan about a year ago, fell asleep half-way through and can’t remember it much. I was surprised, normally a specific genre I really like. I’m also aware I’m in the minority with this view. Definitely need to re-watch. Ill see if 9Now uploaded it.

Wednesday 17 August 7:30 pm 9Go!

Saturday 20 August 5:40 pm 9Go!

Monday 15 August 8:40 pm 9Gem

Monday 22 August 8:30 PM 9Go!

First time on Seven:

9Go! also featuring a few movies that have previously been seen on Seven.