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So with gradual input of Disney movies, Nine has access to titles distributed by every Hollywood studio except 20th Century Fox. I don’t think it’s good for competition, as 10 needs to stock up its own movie library as rights to movies from 1990s and early 2000s begin to expire.


Hacksaw Ridge FTA premiere


Shown before the airing of 101 Dalmations on 9Go:


I notice a screencap of Beauty and the Beast remake starring Emma Watson. That means Nine will have the FTA premiere later this year.


Classic film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid retuning to Seven.

On 7mate (Melb, Adel) and 7Two (Syd, Bris, Per) Friday week.

Part of their regained 20C Fox.


10 got the rights to the movie via Village Roadshow I think.


Beetlejuice airing 6:30pm tonight on 7flix for the first time(?) after numerous late night airings on Nine for many years…


It’s aired in prime time on 9Go! in recent years. Last was April last year.


“The Aviator” (2004) network premiere on 7flix Saturday week. Airs for 3.5 hours with ads (until midnight). Previously aired on Nine. From WB.


Pixar’s “Monsters Inc” (2001) network premiere on 9Go! Friday week. Previously aired on Seven. From Disney. @Zampakid


The plethora of UK films on 9Gem mostly appear to be coming via StudioCanal who own what was EMI Films, British Lion Films, Associated British Picture Corporation, Ealing, and other British studios.


and last Monday was Labour Day in Victoria, and following the Moomba Parade on Seven was in the Midday Movie slot (usually reserved for Lifetime telemovies) a restored version of the Elvis Presley movie “Kissin’ Cousins” was shown. Not sure about other states. Seven must have regained the rights to MGM.


“Kissin Cousins” (1964) is actually licensed to international TV by Warner Bros.

Which Seven have an active content supply deal with, since 2015.


And supplied to Warner via Turner Entertainment Co.


Monsters Inc network premiere


Might be worth me streaming it on 9Now on Fetch. The live streams of 9Go!, 9Gem and 9Life
look near high definition and are definitely better than the free-to-air channels.


TV Blackbox reported this week Nine executives were in LA meeting with Disney ABC TV (previously Buena Vista TV) in regards to their Stan agreement and Disney+ launching soon.

No doubt would’ve discussed their entire deal including broadcast, wonder if they’ll force Nine into a very expensive old fashioned output deal for all their content for however many years… Or walk away. Could see extensive broadcast content maybe? A theory.

For them to go over to the US seems like it’s serious


Shaun the Sheep Movie premiered last week(?) on 9Go!, despite ABC Me having aired the movie before.

ABC ME have also screen some other StudioCanal children’s animated films…


It premiered on 9Go! on the 18th of October last year.

Not sure when ABC first ran it, but commercial licencing is a lot different.


Hope so. FTA needs output deals.


How so?


Nine getting programs from two major production companies in the US (NBCUniversal which owns NBC and Disney which owns ABC Studios)? That will be a first for Nine.