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As I have feared, Seven is gradually losing Disney movies to Nine :expressionless:


Why would you “fear” that and have a :expressionless: emoji, Johnson?

No idea why Nine are branding it a “premiere”, it aint. Aired on Seven many times during the late 2000s/early 2010s, like “Toy Story”.


I could not find an emoji that showed my worried face.
Inevitably, Nine could get its hands on Star Wars Episode VI, VII and IX, Mary Poppins Returns, Toy Story 4, etc.


Still not sure of why you’re worried?

Seven now have their hands on Harry Potter, DC Comics, etc. They also still have Marvel rights.


Does it really matter which Network has the rights for most of these? They get pumped out 2-4 times a year anyway, regardless of Network.


To be fair, The Incredibles hasn’t been on FTA in years and I noted it at the time of Incredibles 2’s theatrical run last year. Seven must’ve lost the rights when their output was abandoned a few years back.


I have been so used to seeing Disney movies and TV shows on Seven over the past 30 years, it is disappointing to find them appearing on Nine and Stan.
I feel their relationship is coming to an end (even without an output deal).



fsir enough I guess



Widescreen Incredibles on 9Go!



The Wizard of Oz returns to Seven


Nope. It was an annual event on Seven during the 1970s and 1980s as was Willy Wonka. Looked forward to them every year.

Here’s Seven’s Ivan Hutchinson with the 50th anniversary screening in 1989:


Interesting Nine have gone for the original 101 Dalmatians (which is a better film) over the 90s live-action remake with Glenn Close, which Seven seemed to favour (the only one I remember them airing).

Though Close’s performance was fantastic, scary!

Thanks for that. We’re not all as old as you NewsWeary :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I did consider it may have been the case too, hence the " (?) ".


Anyone know when Nine aired The Wizard of Oz if theirs was a modern/stretched/reformatted 16:9 version? Or original 4:3? @Zampakid

Because 7flix are airing in its original letterbox format. Wonder if its the same copy from decades ago when they used to air it.

NB/ 7flix’s picture and sound quality doesn’t to it justice.


Original 4:3


Pity. Warner Bros restored The Wizard of Oz in 2009.


According to Seven, Predator is “new” :thinking:


Walt Disney’s Mulan (1998) network premiere on 9Go! Friday week.


Nine again calling a movie a “premiere” when it definitely isn’t. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit previously aired on 10.