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First movie from Marvel Studios (and first movie distributed by Disney) to have FTV premiere on Nine. Previously Marvel movies had premiered on Ten (e.g. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger) and Seven (e.g. The Avengers). I feel this will be the first of many Marvel/Disney titles to be shown on Nine in near future.


Didn’t Marvel get bought by Disney, hence Seven ended up getting them a few years back? 10 had the initial premieres under their long running Paramount deal.


So I wonder how Nine gets its hands on a Marvel movie for the first time? Could it be linked to Stan getting streaming rights to Disney/Marvel titles?


I saw something online one day confirming Nine are licensed with Disney now (Santa Clause, Oscars, some other Show I think) and as we know and saving us going around in circles, all commercial networks have now ended their overly expensive output deals in favour of cherry picking from multiple distributors (but yes that doesn’t mean Seven don’t still have some Walt Disney premieres or Nine still have some Village Roadshow premieres, dot dot dot)


They just might be buying packages of movies. They do this in the US in syndication.

Let’s say that Disney has Marvel movies as one package, Star Wars as another, kids movies as another and so on. Nine could have purchased the Marvel movies, Seven buys the Star Wars movies and they don’t have to commit to anything more beyond that.

I could be wrong though, but I do know they have that in the US syndication market.


I think Nine gets the rights from organisers Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, not from ABC US.


Regency films (mainly through Warner Bros.) are starting to make an appearance on Seven:


Seven are now licensed to terrestrially broadcast many Warner Bros films, as is known, which this film is actually under (not Regency).

Regency do supply their films to TV networks globally, but under their arrangement with 20C Fox (who also have a stake in the company), examples over the years on Nine > then 10 > recently returned to Nine again include “Entrapment (1999”, etc.


I’m watching a recording of last night’s 60 Minutes and a promo for Charles Bronson’s Death Wish aired. I watched the original 1974 movie classic on a streaming service last year and the promo for the movie that was broadcast last night at 9.40pm on Gem wasn’t that movie. It turns out the movie that aired last night was the box office disaster Death Wish V: The Face of Death, a movie with a Rotten Tomato rating of 0%. Where does Nine get off pulling this dishonest shit on their viewers?


I hope you’re creeped out as I was with Tomic’s winking :tired_face:

Haven’t been having a good run in recent weeks with the Davis Cup on, wrong PRGs/promos/EPGs/movies have been going to air.


Caps of Doctor Strange on Nine:


Random caps:


Seven will not be happy that it will not be able to complete its collection of Marvel movies. Still to come to FTA include Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, The Avengers: Infinity War. I think Seven and Nine will fight it out to get these titles on its channels.


Will this be a first for Nine? @Zampakid

Previously aired on Seven and 10 when they respectfully had NBC-U licencing


If I’m not mistaken, Ten first aired the movie Gladiator on February 9, 2003.


First time on Nine, yes.


Saw this at the cinemas, was really good. Also this FTA premiere is exactly two years to the month.

FTA premieres have come a long way since even 10-20 years ago, when it could be up to 3 or sometimes 4 years?


9Go! promos at the moment for “Saturday Family Adventure Night” (probably for at least a couple of months judging by the slew of movies teased).

Which is just code for the re-runs the channel usually cycles through on Saturdays during a given year anyway (Hunger Games, Jursssic Park, Journey To the Centre of the world, Mirror Mirror and those supernatural-fantasy-gothic movies, etc).

I got tricked by the promo’s first shot which looked like Hogwarts from Harry Potter, but it was from something else (Seven have rights now).


“Hidden Figures” (2017) FTA premiere promo on 7Two


It is on the main channel in most markets


FTA premiere. From Seven’s long running content supply deal with Icon (the Mel Gibson founded production/distribution company with an Australian connection)


The Incredibles “9Go! premiere”

Previously aired on Seven