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Australian movie What If It Works, starring Luke Ford and Anna Samson, has its FTA premiere on 10 Peach at 8.30pm tonight. Here is a review of the movie from last year.


Seven’s Christmas movies will primarily be airing on 7flix this year, due to cricket commitments.

There’s already been European Vacation, Vegas Vacation and Frozen (not sure if any of those are actually Christmas) on main channel and 7flix. From tonight over the next couple of weeks on 7flix:

Fred Claus
Home Alone
Home Alone 2
Home Alone 3
The Polar Express
Love Actually
Jingle All The Way
Jack Frost

Plus a bunch of made for TV ones on 7flix too (like you’d see at midday) and Christmas Vacation will again be on Christmas night.

Nine have been airing some on weekends already and Ten nothing sadly.


9Go!'s 9pm movie on Wednesday is now Kindergarten Cop


@Zampakid might have to confirm, but I believe tonight’s “The Santa Clause 3” is the first time the current Disney logo (2006?) has been seen on Nine?



Thanks for that

I think it’s time for Disney to update again, been 12 years now, only tweaked since with removing the “Pictures” and then the "Walt’


Christmas Eve movie “Home Alone 2” (return to Seven after last airing on 10)

Home Alone 3 is also airing on X-Mas Eve, also previously aired on Seven


7flix vs. main channel promo comparison of “Fred Claus”

Ch 7 tonight in Perth, all other markets last week on 7flix


Nine incorrectly promoting Arthur Christmas as a “premiere” [Sony Pics]

(It has aired a number of times on Seven, including a year ago tonight on 7flix).


10 Peach will be airing “Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas” (1993) tomorrow night.

A network premiere, from their Disney deal, previously on Seven.

Interestingly, even though this was ‘rebranded’ with a Walt Disney Pictures label, it was still originally produced by Touchstone Pictures. Hence, 10 are still yet to actually air a film of the former, which Nine seem to now have struck (e.g.) Santa Clause movies.


Love Actually on Seven again tonight. Wasn’t it on a couple of weeks ago? Seems to be a late schedule change as well.
By the way, I reckon they have used the same promo for it for the past two years!


Networks, especially Seven and 10, seem to just file away a promo when made and use the same one again (tweaking for channel/date/time), even many years later.


“The Sound of Music”


I believe that’s what is known in the business as an “efficiency”


“For the first time on 7, the uplifting story”

We bought a zoo


Has this ever happened before -
“Fletch”, starring Chevy Chase, is currently on Gem and is half way through the movie, while the same movie started on Nine just minutes ago. (Sydney times).

Talk about a fast turnaround!


Very odd. The guide has House starting after the Hopman Cup at 1.30am EDT everywhere except WA, but the cup finished earlier at 12.30am.



“US Marshals” (1998) network premiere on Ch 7 Friday week. Which might mean “The Fugitive” is headed to Seven soon too.

They previously were religious and somewhat iconic features on Nine for past 20+ years


“Possibly the worst action movie of all time”. US Marshals co-star Robert Downey Jr.

Yeah, it’s not that good. 'Twas a disappointing sequel. The Fugitive is an all-time classic.