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It last aired on 7flix over a year ago (last night a year ago in fact - 25th Nov 2017).

All but confirms Seven have progressively lost rights to Walt Disney Pictures re-runs, that they once had exclusivity to for decades, only a few have aired this year anyway (most others have been FTA premieres including “The Finest Hours” on Saturday just gone).

Will be interesting to see if Nine have struck a deal or if this is a one off, maybe for Christmas, hasn’t been any others. We know Ten have had a deal for Disney re-runs (that aren’t Walt Disney Pictures titles) for over a year now.


Quick question, was anyone watching the pre credit sequence of tonight’s James Bond film? Hopefully the rusted on Nine fanboys (I’m looking at you SCTV and Zampa) can aid me there.

I could be mistaken and have tuned in after it, but caught the fight between Bond and the traitor in the atrium just then and cut to an ad break at around 8:55pm and then straight to M’s London apartment after the ad returned.

Did Nine skip the iconic opening theme? I think it was the one with Alicia Keys job thus entry “Another way to die” or whatever? Pretty groovy song for an otherwise weak as piss film.


For those interested, have a listen to the latest TV Blackbox podcast (after the 30min to go mark) and Rob McKnight talks about the “premiere” debacle when it comes to movies/shows.

Rob said when he worked at Seven promotions many years ago, they all cracked up laughing when they apparantly signed a new content supply deal and listed a 1980 movie as premiere and then decided on the phrase first time on 7, which as we know and Steve Molk pointed out, they still use today (as recently as a few days ago for “Avatar” cap shown above).

Remember the cap @TelevisionAU got when they called “Willy Wonka” a premiere a year or two ago? Though Seven have changed the EPG since then, as before any movie that hadn’t aired on Seven before got listed as “premeire”.

Rob also mentioned it was something to do with the way programming and promotions passed the details onto one another.


Never forget


I’ve mentioned this before but it’s completely meaningless to the average viewer when a network labels it ‘first time on 7/9/10’. Viewers don’t care. It’s network posturing at its worst.

Viewers might care if it’s a premiere, or a critics’ favourite or a box office success but they don’t care if this is the first occasion they can watch the movie with the 7 watermark rather than the 9 one.



Seven has “Paper Towns” (2015) as a FTA premiere.

It actually premiered last year in August on Ten, even though their 20C Fox deal was terminated, obviously were still able to run it. Whoops.

Nine and Ten do not do it. Only Seven for some reason.

Actually, Ten did say “first time on Eleven” for the movie “I Am Number Four” earlier this year, but only time I’ve seen.

Nine and Ten’s guides instead just don’t say “Repeat” and should be easy to figure out that it’s aired on another network before if it’s say a decade or more old.


Speed - returns to Seven


Glad to see them use the movies actual name in the promo.


Great use of cross-promotion there. :wink:


Yes and Duncan Fellows (the long time 7mate V/O) delivered it in his usual tongue in cheek, comedic way :wink:


Disney’s Pete’s Dragon FTA premiere


The David Niven version would’ve been a bolder choice imo


Agreed. Classic.


‘The Santa Clause Movies’ Promo


Mamma Mia: The Movie (2008) aired on 9Gem last night. Oddly, the speed wasn’t time-compressed (4% faster/PAL format) as most movie broadcasts. And the usual sped-up to 20 second credits were there, with a section of the instrumental version of “Does Your Mother Know” playing. Maybe the chorus of “Thank You For The Music” would’ve been better…


How did they do that?


If Seven are running the National Lampoon movies in this week, I reckon Christmas Vacation will keep with Nine’s old tradition (as Seven got rights last year) of Christmas night. The Polar Express and any other Christmas network premieres from 20C Fox/Warner Bros will probably be in the following week leading-up to Christmas, Home Alone 2 and Home Alone 3 haven’t aired yet, after Seven ran the first one a week or two ago.


Seven, again, this is not a FTA premiere (getting their own wording wrong, seeing as they love to often use “first time” which they should’ve in this case) :unamused:

“Paper Towns” premiered on Eleven on 21st of August last year.


The Santa Clause Promos:


Joy FTA premiere

Paper Towns network premeire (incorrectly labeled as a FTA premiere)