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Agreed. But I remember liking it upon theatrical viewing, so much so I went and bought the deluxe DVD later in 2009 or early 2010 whenever it came out. But haven’t watched now in years.


A ‘one hit wonder’ then?

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Doesn’t help the sequels are vaporware / stuck in development hell.


I’m in the UK currently.


No, the sequels are progressing, they’ve now all been given titles and the first one is released next December.
It’s just a James Cameron thing to do, take time to make sure he gets it right!


I rarely get to watch Seven’s midday movie but today’s is pretty good. Why would anyone want it replaced with more news/talk or encores?

We can’t let the midday movie die




Is that deserved?

I’ve never seen it. I’ve always been put off by the running time and the subject matter isn’t really a hook for me.


It is what it is? Like I said, it’s pretty good and the special effects are stunning. Plus good cast.

I think it was enormous in Asian markets, hard to crack?


I always thought that the hype surrounding Avatar was only about the special effects and the excitement about 3D around the time of release, but that could be because i’m ignorant. The effects are magnificent, but I couldn’t get into the storyline at all.


No, it’s a movie you might watch once for the effects as it does look spectacular and the first real film to make 3D work but it really has no right to be the biggest movie of all time.

This is a good article on it, from a couple of years ago:


It depends on how you define “biggest”?

Box office, it’s unequivocal and generally determines “biggest films”. Case closed.

But, and a big but, in terms of critical consensus or iconic status “biggest”, well hell no, a whole other thing.


I would say biggest almost exclusively refers to box office take, or cultural impact (toy sales, measurable impact elsewhere…references, spinoffs etc). Not critical consensus.


I’ve only watched Avatar once and from memory, it was via DVD on a 4.3 CRT set.

Maybe my opinion would’ve been different if my viewing experience was in 3D at the cinemas or even on Blu-Ray, but despite the visual effects it was slow & boring IMO. Not going to be in a hurry to watch it again, especially via a commercial/In-Program Promotional Graphic-littered FTA TV broadcast!


I’ve watched Avatar quite a number times in High School (one time for study purposes and the other times because it’s the last day of the school term), i’ve liked it when I watched it the first time but after watching it repetitively I just cannot stand it.


I’ve inadvertently watched it 100s of times because when I worked in electronics retail years ago, it was one of the movies I had on loop on the media player we used because it looked so pretty regardless of whether you used a composite / component / HDMI output :slight_smile:


It’s got an M rating. What about younger children :confused:


Home Alone 7mate promo
(returns to Seven, but specially on 7mate in Melbourne only tomorrow night due to State Election coverage)

An old Nine favourite The Last Boy Scout network premiere on 7mate (I swear it aired on 9Go! just a month ago)


Sean Connery in his final performance

NB/ I’ve actually never seen this, is it any good? Connery’s 90s films progressively got weaker, though soft spots for The Rock and Entrapment


Here’s Sevens version:


First time the movie airs on Nine. It is made by Disney and previously only aired on Seven.
BTW, Tim Allen was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week and said the original plot of The Santa Clause was much darker.