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Only Terminator 2 is worth watching multiple times in my opinion. It is an all-time classic movie.


100% agreed. Soft spot for the original too. 3rd is almost forgettable.


@Zampakid I take it this is another modern logo cover-up job by Warner Bros? (Police Academy 2 on Seven)


The latest example of movie franchise rights being split between different networks. IIRC Seven has the rights to the first four movies in the Bourne franchise: The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, and The Bourne Legacy.


Scooby Doo 2 - 9Go! and 7Flix Promo Endtags:


“Speed” (1994) returns to Seven Friday week 8:30pm on 7mate, previously on Ten.

Here are caps from an original promo in the late 90s, found on YouTube


That promo (judging by the 1998-99 era graphics) would’ve been from one of the early reruns.

Channel Seven aired the movie Speed for the very first time on October 12, 1997 and there may have also been “Speed Week” graphics in promos around that time.


I wouldn’t have a clue when it premiered, I’d assume on Seven though as I understand they had the 20C Fox output back then. @Zampakid will know though.


Dead Poets Society 10 Peach Promo:


As SydneyCityTV mentioned above: Oct 12, 1997 on Seven. I have multiple recordings of Speed (including the premiere airing) when it was on Seven.


Another Disney pick-up, previously on Seven, more so 1990s but not so much 2000s. Haven’t seen this air on TV for many years.


In case you haven’t noticed, Nine moved the FTA premiere of Jason Bourne to tonight (Sunday), with the repeat of Casino Royale (starring Daniel Craig) on Monday.


In all seriousness, while I am a movie buff and advocate, and they do propel channel shares (%) more than not, it does seem kind of lame/weak to have so many filling the main channel schedule for the remaining weeks of survey.


9Gem airing the original “Frankenstein” (1931) Friday week late night. Not a common occurrence. Wonder what the latest version/aspect/quality is like for such an age.


Google is showing me that Universal released restored high definition versions of Frankenstein, Dracula and some other classic horror movies on Blu-ray in 2012. So the picture quality should be pretty good, assuming that Nine has been given a high definition copy.


On a standard definition channel?


The 9Now streams are in 720p, not to mention there’s still a few places (mainly small regional/remote markets) which have 9Gem rather than the main channel in HD.


“first time on 7” … “biggest movie of all time”


Avatar is so odd. The biggest movie of all time, but had had virtually no lasting impact culturally.

How long is it scheduled for on 7? With ads it must be pushing four hours.


adjusted for inflation is Gone with the Wind.


Approx 3 hrs 30 mins.