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Looking forward to the intricate explanation from @Sully why this has happened.


Would’ve thought Hairpsray is a much better and more popular movie? Definitely a more modern, family flick.


Michael (1996) Channel Seven Promo endtags:

First time on Seven (1999):

Back on Seven (2018):


7mate network premiere of “Out for Justice” (1991) late tonight.

Nine used to love airing the Steven Seagal movies, but even they hadn’t aired this one in a long time.
It is an R18+ and quite hard one at that even for today’s standards, quite nasty violence I recall and William Forsythe’s character was a nasty bloke in it! @Zampakid


AFAIK, the last time it had aired on the Nine Network was back in October 2015 on 9Gem.


It’s a rubbish movie. One of the worst, like most Steven Seagal movies.


Jupiter Ascending (2015) came out eight years after Hairspray (2007).


Whoops! I was getting confused, thinking of “Mercury Rising” (1998?) a thriller with Bruce Willis.

Planet names being the confusing words!


I am now the movie man.


Depends on the movie. Certain kinds of movies involving a certain 7 Queensland news reader…:joy::joy::joy:


9Gem doing another James Bond marathon (last was only a few months ago) from the beginning, with Dr No Thursday week. Nine are losing the MGM output in June next year just an FYI.


Forgot to edit, Nine decided to bring it forward a week and put them on Fridays, began last week.


Going to where?


I don’t think there’s been any announcement? Nine may be able to renew/renegotiate anyway? I just know (from two sources) Nine’s MGM rights are lapsing then.


Professor Farnsworth style Good news everyone!

Nine are so pleased with my previous ratings, they can’t resist to put me to air again :wink: You can see me 7pm Saturday week on 9Go!

Although sadly I’m airing too early, so they’ve had to chop me up a bit.

(I’ll be followed at 9pm by that lesser Denzel Washington one, something tells me Nine also aired that recently too).


10Peach about to start airing movies on Saturdays and Sundays during the day. Not sure if it’s a one off or a more permanent move.


Throwback to 2015 when Nine aired a Walt Disney Pictures film ‘Angels In The Outfield (1994)’:


Bridget Jones’s Baby Promo:


Another awkward example of movie franchise rights being split between different networks (at least at this stage). Also off topic, but as mentioned by others in the Monday just gone ratings thread, Nine are fools airing another movie after the disastrous audience for the premiere of “The Boss” (though Bridget Jones would be more popular).


Another example I can think of is The Terminator franchise.


And just on The Terminator franchise, the first three are each licenced by a different tv distributor (MGM, Studiocanal+ and Sony respectively) and I believe each has aired on all 3 commercial networks now.


I remember about 10+ years ago T2 regularly aired on Ten, while Rise of the Machines aired on Nine.
I presume Seven aired the original when they had MGM for a long time.

Now Nine have been airing the original and Seven have been airing T2 and ROTM.