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Thanks for that as always. That’s weird, at a time when networks were tied to exclusive full output deals? I guess there are a nunber of these examples though, where by whatever means another networks jumps in quickly with the cash for rights to the premiere.


AFAIK, ‘Michael’ was originally distributed here by Video Box Office (sub-label of Columbia Tri-Star Home Video) during its VHS days, so that would probably explain why Seven might’ve got the rights to it back then.

Nine could’ve got the rights to the film in the late 2000’s after Warner purchased the majority of the Tuner Pictures?


I think Zampakid might be beating MovieMan’s own dvd collection! :scream:

FTA premieres coming up

Shaun The Sheep movie, Friday 9Go, from their Sony deal.

Sully, Monday Ch 9, from their Roadshow deal.

Network premieres coming up

Die Hard 2, Thursday 7mate, from their 20C Fox deal (first re-airing since being on Ten).

Parental Guidance, Thursday Ch 7, from their 20C Fox deal (previously on Ten).

High Crimes, Thursday 9Gem, from their Regency deal (first re-airing since being on Ten).

I Love You Too, Friday Eleven, from their Roadshow deal (previously on Nine).

HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Saturday Ch 7, from their Warner Bros deal (previously on Nine).

Drive Angry, Saturday 7mate, from their Studiocanal deal (not sure which network this was previously on).

Raid on Rommel, Saturday 9Gem, from their Universal deal (not sure which network this was previously on).

The A Team, Sunday 7mate, from their 20C Fox deal (previously on Ten).

Music and Lyrics, Sunday Eleven, from their Roadshow deal (previously on Nine).

Die Hard With A Vengeance, Thursday week 7mate, from their 20C Fox deal (first re-airing since being on Ten).

Out for Justice, Saturday week 7mate, from their Warner Bros deal (previously on Nine and R18+, rare occurance where it must be edited).

Michael, Sunday week 7flix, from their Warner Bros deal (previously on Nine).


I swear this was on TV a couple of weeks ago!




It was also shown on Nine from 1998-2005(?) when it used to be released by Roadshow until it was moved to 20C Fox distribution…


I had forgotten that (not sure if I even knew/remember that actually).

Also just remember (you probably already deduced this anyway) theatrical distribution is often very different to tv distribution, etc. A good way to find out, is often the home entertainment (DVDs, etc) is the same distributor as TV, digital (YouTube, iTunes), etc.


Die Hard 2 tonight on 7mate had a modern 20C Fox fanfare logo at the start, which is modified from the original theatrical release, VHS and possibly initial DVD.

Like Zampakid’s Lethal Weapon 4 example with Warner Bros (networks platering modern standardised logos on latest copies provided to TV), I am confident (but not 100%) that Die Hard from Monday on 7mate was Seven’s original copy from back in the day, whereas tonight’s sequel is a new copy.

Based on the logo differentiation.


According to Wikipedia, there was a change in producers (Andy Vajna replaced Joel Silver and Larry Gordon who produced Die Hard 2), therefore Vajna’s company Cinergi obtained international distribution rights while 20th Century Fox got the US domestic rights. Cinergi chose Roadshow as the Australian distributor at that time.
Cinergi closed in 1998 after a series of box office flops and 20CF bought the international rights to Die Hard with a Vengeance.



Tonight’s X-Men: First Class had no 20th Century Fox logo fanfare at all. It is only 25 seconds.


Why are they showing the X-Men movies so out of order?


Johnson: Seven 75% of the time remove opening credits from movies as well, I guess a strange attempt to stop viewers from changing channels? (i.e.) jump straight into first scene. Done it for a long time.

David: Seven did the same during Winter Olympics when they aired on 7mate after Feed 2 concluded each night, weird order!


Maybe Seven is showing the X-Men movies in order, the first movie being First Class. Check out this article.


Ten airing a Warner Bros distributed movie next Sunday, a rare occurance! Have seen the odd one or two, now that networks are doing ‘cherry pick’ (rather than, in this case, Nine having all the rights), but still, seeing as Seven seem to have secured most rights.

“Something to Talk About” on Eleven.

(I’m sure @Zampakid will have 100 captures of this in his files somewhere, especially being one that Nine would’ve premiered :wink:


Of passing interest Pitch Perfect to be shown on Seven 25 October, then Pitch Perfect 2 on Nine the following week 3 November.


Seven must be losing rights to the first one soon, surely (old NBCU deal)? Then Nine can hopefully get it, so there’s consistency.

Not sure if both networks have aired them close together before? Certain film franchises where rights are split they have before though.


So I saw Sully is on tonight, didn’t realise MediaSpys own movie fan was starring in a movie :grin:


Pumped. Got the shiraz🍷 on the ready, popcorn ready to pop, pop, pop and on the edge of the couch for Mr Hanks (AKA Sullenberger) as I type :wink:

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Follows of movies on TV - 9Go! next Saturday 3 November has replaced Hairspray with Jupiter Ascending.