Movies on TV


That’s the unfortunate reality of watching a movie on free to air television.


Anyone who actually likes watching movies at home will watch Blu-Rays or get a subscription service. Otherwise, in my opinion, they’re just on TV as repeats for people who have already seen the movie or for people who really don’t mind what’s on. No one who likes movies enjoys a movie on FTA.


Perhaps. But clearly, as recent ratings show, lots don’t care or are at least happy to put up with them, in favour of enjoying a movie.

Movie No 1 multi-channel program like 4 weeks running now.


Apart from news I watch most other broadcast and Fetch programs on delay, or watch a recording, so I can fast forward through the ads.


Virtually never. The director didn’t make it to have adverts slapped at points through the movie and it ruins the entire experience.

The last time was probably when Titanic was on a couple of years ago and my housemates and I were watching it on a summer night while drinking and too lazy to change the channel but we had all seen that a million times.

I just find it to be a less than ideal viewing experience and in some occasions, stuff has probably been cut out without you knowing.


Other network premieres:

Mad Max, ONE, Sunday week. Roadshow. Previously Nine.

Father’s Day, Eleven, Sunday week. Warner Bros (this must be a first for Ten!?). Previously Nine.

Limitless, Eleven, Wednesday week. Roadshow. Previously Nine.


At the rate Seven are picking-up Warner Bros titles and Ten are picking-up Roadshow titles, also considering their MGM deal finishes within 9 months…

Nine are going to have an extremely limited movie library, unless they can strike a new deal or re-negotiate. Only having their relatively new Universal deal to rely on (which has already spanned two networks anyway).

Probably a fairly useless comment, but for mine interesting none the less. Possibly signals long-term strategy change and certainly major cost saving? We know Nine went out of their way to fully restructure their long-running Warner Bros output.


Really? From the Fairfax archives search.


And on one of my tapes from 1986…


Premiere in July 1984 - TVO - Gallipoli and Mad Max.

I was just looking at this recording the other day thinking it must have been ratings that week.


Did a bit of research - it was on Ten in Sydney a month earlier, on Sunday 3rd June. SMH on Google News:


Just on Mad Max, guides had “premiere”,
hence my comment above from a week ago (Ten obviously provided incorrect info to them).


More network premieres, including a notable one…

Swordfish (2001) on ONE Sunday week, previously Nine. From Ten’s new Roadshow deal.

Face/Off (1997) on Eleven Wednesday week, previously on Seven for the past 21 years! From Ten’s new Disney deal.

Looking For Alibrandi (2000) Friday week on Eleven, previously on Nine. From Ten’s new Roadshow deal.

Hot Fuzz (2007) Tuesday week on 9Go! Previously on Seven. From Nine’s new NBCU deal.

Even Almighty (2008) Saturday week on 9Go! Previously on Seven. From Nine’s new NBCU deal.


I’ve looked through and can’t see anything notable about any of these bargain-bin movies? (With apologies to Hot Fuzz)


I was referring to Face Off (i.e.) 21 years on one network. But yes, point taken.


Yes, cant wait to see Halle Berry in one particular scene in Swordfish in good ol’ SD…


On a banana lounge perhaps? :wink:


One thing i noticed that the movie Flight 93 was not shown last night. I know that in recent years on 9/11 Channel Seven have been usually airing it at around 11pm but not this year. Interesting.


I recall it being in a dead slot on 7flix last year, United 93 is provided by NBCU, so probably lost the rights. Maybe Nine will pick it up now.

I don’t think we necessarily have to have a 9/11 themed movie or doco annually however, painful enough memory for many, it has been 17 years now.


“Batman vs. Superman” (2015) FTA premiere on 7mate Sunday week.

First Batman/Superman film in history not to have its FTA premiere (DC: Warner Bros) on Nine AFAIK