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You were right I guess, 90s Bond not as big appeal as it used to, for a main channel at least (as only 1% increase last week from when they ran Ninja Warrior encores).

However, if they’d aired it on 9Gem still in the first place… (where it’d been doing 4%+ shares)


Next Saturday on Gem is TBA on the advanced guides on TVT. Based on the time slots though, might just be a single movie, Casino Royale, at 9.30.


Sorry to disappoint; it’s listed as Uncle Buck on the EPG.


Wrong thread I guess, but something I’ve been meaning to bring up

Nine seem to be having the most fickle and almost flippant Saturday schedule, can’t find a consistent winner, even in movies (even Seven ignoring AFL are doing well there).

What happened after Blue Planet which did well there earlier this year? Need more alternate or even better local content, always knowing they don’t have FTA rights for Saturday NRL.

At least Ten for what its worth, stick loyal to Ambulance et al. and often rank in Top 20.

Seriously!? So they’re switching Bond presumably again back to main channel.


NRL and Ransom for Sydney.


9Go! having a quick Mission Impossible marathon tonight (1 and 2) and tomorrow (3). Seven aired the latest one (5) last night.

4th one airs Sunday week on 9Go!


Before the 4th film (Ghost Protocol) airs next Sunday 8:30pm on 9Go!, it airs Tuesday 9:10pm on the main channel.


Assumed it’d be a marathon, but 7mate airing Lethal Weapon 4 tomorrow night (after airing the original last week). So do they not have rights yet for 2 and 3? Weird.


Saw a promo on 9Go! for “Bruno” (2009) tomorrow night, with the end card graphic saying “premiere”.

Is this one of those situations like @TelevisionAU picked-up on with Seven and Willy Wonka a year or two ago, where a network makes shit up calling a movie a straight out premiere when it definitely isn’t ?:thinking:


Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol airs tonight on Channel 9 after Australian Ninja Warrior.


“Zoolander 2” (2016) FTA premiere Sunday week on 7flix, from Seven’s recent licensing deal with Paramount.

NB/ The original film is provided by Roadshow, hence always and still Nine.


FTA premiere

Formerly on Ten, only once I believe, its FTA premiere a year or two ago rated over 300k on ONE, huge!

FTA premiere

So, it’s such a shame Ten’s output deal with 20C Fox got terminated and they lost everything (virtually) :pensive: Seven have been reaping in the rewards (share) since, you’ll notice Seven’s movies, many of which are 20C Fox, have been making the Top 20 in recent months. Example from the weekend “Taken” (2008) which didn’t air in some markets until after 10pm!


Wondered where the James Bond movies had disappeared to, last aired two Saturdays ago ending with “Die Another Day” (2002) on 9Gem.

Called Nine, they put me through to programming, the guy seemed a little confused and asked when it last aired.
He said they do have rights to Casino Royale (next film) until June 2019 and said hopefully it’ll air sometime before then.

But poor form for viewers who’d been watching in recent months, suddenly stopping for NRL in 3 markets that don’t even watch.


more appropriate thread

This explains why 7mate could only air the 1st and 4th films on Mondays in recent weeks.

Looks like nine now have the Regency deal, taken from Ten.


It may have something to do with Nine’s former parent company PBL had a shareholding in Regency.


Well, Nine are airing another Regency one “My Super Ex Girlfriend” Saturday week. Ten had rights until very recently, must’ve lost them.

It’s an odd situation, must deals are done through bigger studios’ TV units. But Regency make their own distribution arrangements too it seems.


Definitely confirmed Nine have got Recency rights back and Fight Club will be on 9Go! in a couple of weeks.

Also Pearl Harbor network premiere on Eleven Sunday week, another Disney pick-up, previously on Seven.

Apollo 13 network premiere on 9Gem in a couple of weeks too, another Universal pick-up, very recently on Seven and once upon a time on Ten.


This movie is distributed by Universal and has been shown on Seven, 7mate and (I think) 9GO! in recent years.


It’s licenced by NBCUTV, has been on Seven for much of the past decade now. Previously was on Ten.

Don’t believe Nine have ever aired it, they only got Universal TV rights a year or so ago for the first time ever AFAIK (after Seven and before them Ten for decades).


I was having a discussion not too long ago with a mate about ad breaks during movies on FTA. Now, we all dislike ads, but we had different perspectives and pros/cons.

I believe specifically during movies, the odd ad or two is really good, get up and move around, make a tea/coffee, go to the bathroom, have a quick chat about something, etc. However other view was it disrupts flow and momentum and breaks up the narrative, also extends run time usually 30-60min+ depending.

What do MS members think? :slightly_smiling_face: