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Late change:

Code Black dropped from 7flix as of tonight (didn’t realise):

Replaced by “The Hangover Part II” network premiere at 9pm (an umpeenth Warner Bros pick-up, Nine won’t be happy to have lost it, run ad nauseam including recently).


I can help a bit here as a casual horror fan. One of the first things I ever taped off the tv was Friday the 13th Part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan, which aired on a Friday the 13th in the late 90s at 1am on Nine (technically a Saturday). Haven’t seen it on FTA since.

Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday premiered on Nine in the early 00s (quite a late premiere as the movie was from 1993) as a Sunday late night movie and it even made the lineup promo. Haven’t seen it on FTA since.

Jason X and Freddy vs Jason premiered on GO a few years back.


Just from looking at the 2013 Guides on TV Tonight, the last time ‘Friday The 13th’ aired on the main channel was at 1:50am Sunday June 23, 2013.


@Zampakid I hope you didn’t trawl through all that, just for me. Appreciated.


7flix will broadcast “The Full Monty” (1997) original iconic movie Saturday week, the night before the new Australian TV special. Another pick-up (or return) from their new 20C Fox TV deal.


Caught this at the start of the film “Ghost of Girlfriend’s Past” (2009) on Ch 9 tonight:

Had never seen it before. Is this variant always attached at the start of Roadshow movies broadcast on TV? Usually always on Nine.

Credit to @Zampakid, who seems to be quite prolific outside of MS, cap from a site called Closing Credits.


More common back in the 90’s and 2000’s, sometimes in different variants through different film companies like these:

Nowadays, in newer Roadshow Entertainment Prints on Nine, they don’t include the Roadshow Television logo.


I noticed on Goldeneye (on Ch 9 now) whenever text appears (e.g.) “nine years later” or a location mentioned, etc.

It is in yellow.

Whereas it is in white and a different font on the DVD I have (2006 two disc re-releases).

Strange, because the DVD is the same versions that Nine have, which are updated with the 2000s United Artists logo (older versions - which oddly enough Goldeneye still uses, probably historical value as it was the first to use it) have the older 1990s United Artists logo.


Same yellow as this?


Yeah that’s what was on Nine (only full screen and HD :wink:)


I remember burning the Goldeneye dvd to give to a friend and noticing the ‘nine years later’ never came up on that copy.


And even weirder, the sequel that aired after it “Tomorrow Never Dies” had another text - a blue text that appeared near the start (title of a ship - HMAS whatever.

So that was permanent obviously.

But the yellow/white must be added later, depending on the type of distribution.


HMS Devonshire


We know Seven planned this so they could continue the tradition post-cricket broadcasts in summer :wink:

I’m wondering if @Zampakid has a cap from when it premiered on Nine back in the 80s?


Lethal Weapon premiered on Nine on Sunday 18th June 1989. Its first sequel, Lethal Weapon 2, premiered on the same channel on Sunday 11th August 1991, whilst Lethal Weapon 3 premiered on Sunday 23rd October 1994. Lethal Weapon 4 would’ve premiered in around 2001, as by that point after Pay TV had launched, networks had to wait around 3 years after cinema release (LW4 was released in 1998) before it could air on FTA.


Some caps of the premiere airing on WIN.


May 13, 2001 was the date of the Australian free to air TV premiere of Lethal Weapon 4 on Nine. :slight_smile:

It was shown on Pay TV before that, probably via (the now-defunct) Movie One which had the rights to show Warner Bros films.


continued in appropriate thread

Was wondering when Seven would be airing them, another 20C Fox pick-up. Was one of Ten’s best movie performers, one of them did over 300k on ONE.


The 007 double back on Gem tonight after a one week switch to Nine.

What’s the go @Sully?