Mock Studio Designs


Grady! Can you do your take on the RTM studio I made?


Just slap the newsroom behind the set and replaced the Barco with a glass screen to compensate for the boringness and lack of authenticity.


Not really something I want to do sorry.

Here is something 7 News could do with Martin Place easily


Nice especially with the use of glass screens but i think it should be in the actual newsroom and have the newsroom look more like my RTM mock however mixed with the BBC’s N8, N9, and the Ten newsroom and put it behind the real Martin Place.

I also recommend adding a world map in the newsroom.


Today 2019 -

Existing screen would be retained with live streetscape backdrop, something busy. This shot would change during special coverage, ie replaced with a bushfire scene or a shot of Melbourne Park during the AO. New standalone plasma in front would have lines of text very slowly scrolling across at different speeds.

Very simple round desk, designed to have a newsy feel when compared to Sunrise. Left side (the blue wall in these caps) would be the same newsroom graphic that is used on the news sets.

Can’t decide what the main side walls should look like so have left them blank.

My concept was for a newsier show so I haven’t designed a separate soft set. Would be pretty easy to roll a sofa in to replace the desk after 8am if they wanted to.

I do have an idea for a separate standing/interview are which could easily be replicated in Melbourne to accommodate Tony Jones and other guests (and potentially in other cities as well), and to give the show a bigger, more national feel. But haven’t drawn that up yet, maybe next weekend if I’m not too busy.


Idea for Nine once they move to their (fingers crossed) street side studio that could be used for Today, News and hopefully a late night bulletin.


During broadcasts with a lighter feel, exposed stone walls would fill the gaps between set areas, while at 6pm and bulletins with a more serious tone, curtains would be pulled over these walls to give the area a polished look

The studio would have windows along two sides (similar to NBC Today) with the soft set for Today in the corner (I’d also install a floating curved screen above this space like NBC)


Opposite the soft set I’d introduce a Today performance space/Late News setup, with a simple plasma and lightboxes with interchangeable fronts (to facilitate different branding)


At the other end of the space is the main part of the set - a 10x3m video wall (with a 4m extension on the right) which would be the main Home Base area of Today and daytime/6pm bulletins (apologies for the NBC graphic).

Today would use the extension on the right side as a news background (referred to as the ‘News Desk’), with a vertical plasma with Today branding (this section could easily be replicated in other cities if localised news is something Today decides to do).

news%20desk today%20news%20desk

Given there would be a lot of LED strips and light boxes, the transition to 6pm news would only require image and lighting changes.

Weather could either be presented from the screen behind the anchor or from the Late News/Performance Space screen.

The late news would come from the performance area, with an additional plasma for live crosses:


All shows would use the same desk and risers (Nine News’ current 6pm desk) which would facilitate multiple shows.

(Sorry about the graphics btw, it would take too much time to edit them as well)

I’d be interested to see if anyone else has ideas about what Nine might be planning once they move.


Considering how much they would’ve spent on the national-look metro news sets I’d presume they’ll be keeping the whole thing as-is. That curved screen wouldn’t have come cheap!

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In Nine brought a new news set for Melbourne when they moved to Docklands with the Richmond set being shipped to Darwin, then it shouldn’t be unreasonable to expect a smoking hot new set(s) or two for North Sydney with the set (or parts of it) currently in Studio 1 eventually going to NBN.

And yes, I know that sets don’t come cheap but TCN Sydney isn’t comparable to Nine’s other stations. Aside from being the network’s flagship and probably the strongest metro market, Willoughby (and once the move happens, North Sydney) produces multiple bulletins/programs for both a local & national audience.

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I would be expecting Today to get a new set definitely. With Nine News, I could see a few modifications happening but nothing too major. Adelaide didn’t do much to their set when they moved. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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Isn’t the move still years away?


Next year IIRC

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Actually they didn’t do anything to the set when they moved from Tynte Street to Hindmarsh Square. The 2011 network knockoff set was refreshed in mid-2014 and the relocation happened in September 2015. No changes until the current set launched in May 2017.

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Maybe it was just the updated/improved lighting or something, but I thought the Adelaide set was tweaked ever so slightly when they moved studios?

Either way, I still think it’d be extremely disappointing if Nine did much less than a Network 10 2018-style relaunch (every branding element completely relaunched except for Nine’s main logo and maybe the multichannel names) for the move to North Sydney.


In the light of the new studio at 10 in Sydney i made a small scale set that looks simmilar and fits a 5.5m x 7.5m studio space




Looks really good. I can see something very similar being installed around the country.

I can think they zoom out that far thought in Melb/Ade/Perth.


Bloody awesome @GradyACN well done. I would maybe put the desk on a platform, but it still looks great directly on the white floor.

The new 10 set and graphics is the closest overall package I’ve seen that compares to NBC’s Today Show, which I view as the benchmark. Clean, gorgeous, definitive.


With all the talk about the Nine Gold Coast News studio, I thought I’d design a (roughly) scale alternative following the metro style.

I have made the floors wooden, only to give the broadcast a ‘beachy’ feel. Obviously, this could also be a typical black studio floor.



Standing area:
image image

Headlines, breaking news etc.


Nicely done but realistically they’ve only got half or even a quarter of that space to play with.


Something else I started and am never going to get around to finishing - new set for Seven Adelaide. They seem to have quite a bit of spare space in that studio and I also wanted to open the window into the newsroom up a bit.

Desk -

Standing positions -

Wide shots/weather wall -