Mock Studio Designs


I’ve said that previously. Depth of field is important.


If I had some hand in the ch 7 Broadbeach set up


That desk is amazing and would be relatively inexpensive to do!


That whole set is brilliant. Doubt we will be seeing anything remotely like that on the woeful coverage seven are dishing up.


As a fan of the Games (like literally, ultra, super, mega, enormous fan) I love this, you have incorporated great colours, (I’m guessing the screens are made from screenshots of what appears on tv before the ads? leaves/grass etc.) I believe Channel Seven, being the host broadcaster and most likely got to choose wherever they wanted to present, haven’t gone to their full potential with their ACTUAL setup, just the presenter standing in front of the camera in front of some buildings. At Rio, they had a FULL studio, not sure why they didn’t have one here.

Only improvements/suggestion. I would make the screen behind the desk a tad bigger.


Also if you don’t mind, can I tweet these to GC2018 and Channel Seven to say that this is what they missed out on, and next time they should look at employing you as a studio designer?? :stuck_out_tongue: LOL


Also… is that a new watermark on Indigo??


Ignore this question. Just downloaded indigo on another laptop. It’s so boring that blue logo, I’ll miss that old one, luckily it’s still on my school laptop, so I won’t be updating it!. Also, I was trying to get Sketchup Make as I deleted it from this laptop, but it doesn’t seem to exist, there only seems to be Sketchup Free, which is online in your web browser, I have messaged Sketchup on twitter.

Just though I would let you know. I currently not sure how to get Indigo renderer to work with the online version, if it does at all


I didn’t want to make the screen too big and loose the view that they have (the studio is based off the tent setup they have at Broadbeach during the games for sunrise.

Tweet away my handle is @gradyacn

If you look for the 2017 version of Google sketch up you should be able to download an old version and use that which still works with indego


tweeted away!

I found it, when it takes you to the online thing, I found an App Downloads, and ???low and behold??? it was right there Make 2017


I was also playing around with something for Seven’s GC coverage but went with a more lavish (and expensive) temporary studio pavilion with a deck instead of just the tent…these are quick renders and the lighting isn’t great but you get the idea.

Desk -

Hosting positions -

Athlete interview (armchairs or a sofa would probably be better but I already had the stool model) -

Deck area -

(That big screen would be used for a new Brisbane set post-games)


F’ing love this ^


there’s only one way I could think this could be better.

It could be a model that I made, and I am super proud of it, and I am the best designer and maker on Sketchup. LOL.


With all this hype about GC2018 studios, thought I would start my own, I’m currently in the business lounge at Sydney airport, but will finish the studio when I arrive in Brisbane, I’ll try to get some good quality photos of venues, (ones that aren’t online) and post them here, if you want to use any in a design.

Anyway here is my studio start.

I went for a surfboard shape desk, keeping with the theme of the games


What I have so far. Forgot to save, had to restart.

Does anyone know if there is a way I could keep the same image but centre it without having to line it up again? Got to the end and now there not enough length, I really don’t feel like scaling the image again on each panel


Try going into the material editor and right click on the image thats the material. And click edit then adjust the size in the measurement bit.


thanks! I’ll try that next time, I just ended up cutting off the two of the panels on the left and made them Charcoal.


My work in progress.

Also what window backdrop would you prefer to see? Athlete’s village or the Beach? (Broadbeach?)


Backdrop for gymnastics!

Potential use: commentating booth with corner window.


first quick renders of my GC studio. think this space is finished by way of furnishing, just have to complete lighting and flooring & walling