Mock Studio Designs


I’m going to the emergency department… I’ve got whiplash from the frenetic pace in this thread…


Something I created over the weekend, plan to turn it into a multi-purpose news set for Nine’s move to North Sydney.

(that big blank space on the front of the desk will be a screen btw)


great design


anymore replies?


obviously not…


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Something I have been working on today.


maybe email the 9 news regional victoria:) this is absolutely stunning :slight_smile: much better then the set there using now


It’s rendered beautifully!


This is absolutely spectacular.

Great to see you are still mocking :grinning:


Adjustments and more pics


We’re not worthy :smile::smile:, that’s the best mock I’ve ever seen. Just incredible. It almost looks like a photo of the set.


One question for set fans. Why does the desk have to be so close to the background? Wouldn’t some distance from the background (and closer to the cameras) give some depth to the overall space when doing closeups of the presenter?

I have noticed this with a lot of real sets and mocks.


The reason is the further away the desk is, the talent actually covers more behind them. So it’s not as fine when using OTS etc. the reason it’s so close is to allow heaps of movement and camera angles. The further away you have the desk/talent, the less you have to work with


That is just absolutely amazing! Keep doing what your doing I love it!


I’ve said that previously. Depth of field is important.


If I had some hand in the ch 7 Broadbeach set up


That desk is amazing and would be relatively inexpensive to do!


That whole set is brilliant. Doubt we will be seeing anything remotely like that on the woeful coverage seven are dishing up.


As a fan of the Games (like literally, ultra, super, mega, enormous fan) I love this, you have incorporated great colours, (I’m guessing the screens are made from screenshots of what appears on tv before the ads? leaves/grass etc.) I believe Channel Seven, being the host broadcaster and most likely got to choose wherever they wanted to present, haven’t gone to their full potential with their ACTUAL setup, just the presenter standing in front of the camera in front of some buildings. At Rio, they had a FULL studio, not sure why they didn’t have one here.

Only improvements/suggestion. I would make the screen behind the desk a tad bigger.